.Cuisine: Peranakan / Nyonya

Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant @ Beauty World Centre

Yesterday’s dinner was Peranakan food with two other friends. One of them alighted from his ‘transport service’ at Rifle Range Road. The other friend has been obsessed with the recently ended drama, The Little Nyonya, so, we thought we shall try Dulukala at Beauty World. […]

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club

On Monday, colleagues at work treated one colleague to a birthday lunch. It was already decided the week before that we will go to PeraMakan, since some people wanted to try the food at this place. So what did we eat? Quite a lot actually! […]

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club (Desserts)

Let’s continue with the desserts. I shall try creative writing today OK? Some people love it, some hate it. It’s the Durian Penget. Oh the stink that fills the air when the dessert was served. (You can guess which side of the fence I am […]

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club

We met up with other cousins and uncle and aunty for dinner on Saturday night. More food that sis has not tried. Peranakan Food. We met at PeraMakan at Keppel Club. Somehow it started like an interrogation session to our sis future husband. LOL.Anyway, that’s […]

Spice Peranakan @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Last Sunday after church, our lunch was not too far away from church. We wanted to have lunch and go home and sleep. We went to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Aunt said that she saw this place, but have not tried it yet. So we […]