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Koi Cafe @ Clementi Central

The Bubble Tea craze is back! Not too long time ago, bubble tea stalls suddenly mushroomed everywhere. Everyone was drinking it, young and old! Then just as quick, the stalls closed down. Koi Cafe from Taiwan suddenly created the craze again! I saw this in […]

Ice Cream Toast @ Ya Kun – The Central

After the lunch that we had on Saturday, some friends just had to have the coffee fix. You can clearly see those who are having caffeine withdrawal. haha… So we all went to Ya Kun for drinks. After we were seated, one friend volunteered to […]

Cool Rhino Cooling Water vs Three Legs Cooling Water

Sis and I, we were walking around at Fairprice and saw this new drink being promoted. Cool Rhino Cooling Water. It sure caught our eye and we thought why not try it? Sis has been feeling heaty because of the weather and was having a […]

Have you tried Anything or Whatever?

Am sure that you have seen the advertisement on TV, Bus stops, Radio… Have you tried it? Sis and cousin tried it just now. They got Root Beer.As you can see from the can, you can’t figure out what you are getting! Cheapest deal is […]