Cool Rhino Cooling Water vs Three Legs Cooling Water

Sis and I, we were walking around at Fairprice and saw this new drink being promoted. Cool Rhino Cooling Water. It sure caught our eye and we thought why not try it? Sis has been feeling heaty because of the weather and was having a sore throat.

We saw that it should be drunk 4 times daily. Oh well, we got 2 bottles of it since it was on promotion.

But that’s only 2 times, we need more. We decided it was just to try it out so we did not bother to take more. As we walked along the aisle, we saw ey, this is also something similar, and it’s like much much cheaper. We remembered our older cousin who says this drink is good when one is feeling heaty, so we thought maybe this ‘old people’ drink might work.

The next morning when we woke up, we took a close look. Hey! Both are manufactured by the same company! Same ingredients too!

We concluded that the old design was for the old timers who are used to it, maybe a name like Three Legs appeal to them.

The new design is to catch youngsters attention! Cool Rhino sounds cool right? We laughed our heads off!

If you are wondering how it taste? Both taste the same. It taste like plain water except that you get a cooling sensation on your mouth.

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