.Cuisine: Chinese

Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura

We always pop by Tim Ho Wan when we visit Hong Kong. It’s the cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant in the world as they proudly proclaim. That is true if you are in Hong Kong, definitely not the case for the Singapore branches. When the branch in […]

Din Tai Fung @ Suntec City

It was another of the family lunch outings. When it’s a group of 7 people, expect lots of dilly-dally-ing. We went to the Suntec City branch of Din Tai Fung because it’s one of their newest branch and also, Singaporeans have not discovered that Suntec […]

Wan Hao @ Marriott Hotel

There’s always stories behind the food that I post, but today’s post has no occasion or reasons to eat at a high class hotel. The only reason is that parents-in-law got some Marriott Dining vouchers and they want to use them before they expire. If […]

Din Tai Fung @ Junction 8, Bishan

One of those nights, date night and run errands night. The 2 should not mix, but we are all in a hurry. We both know we have to get stuff, pay bills, change foreign currency (Euro and Pounds) and we were very hungry. Thanks to […]

Wan Hao @ Singapore Marriott

It’s one of the whatsapp discussion on where to have dinner. I am sure many of us have many whatsapp groups. This was the in-laws group where it was the MIL’s birthday dinner. It was a few days of messaging and in the end, we […]