Marriott Hotel

Wan Hao @ Marriott Hotel

There’s always stories behind the food that I post, but today’s post has no occasion or reasons to eat at a high class hotel. The only reason is that parents-in-law got some Marriott Dining vouchers and they want to use them before they expire. If […]

Wan Hao @ Singapore Marriott

It’s one of the whatsapp discussion on where to have dinner. I am sure many of us have many whatsapp groups. This was the in-laws group where it was the MIL’s birthday dinner. It was a few days of messaging and in the end, we […]

Spirit of Beijing @ Marriott Cafe, Singapore

A few months ago, KopiKosongGirl and I went to Beijing for a holiday which coincidentally was on Valentine’s Day. We spent V Day feasting on Peking Ducks! We had 2 ducks that day, lunch at Quan Ju De and dinner at Da Dong. So when […]

Lobby Lounge @ Marriott Hotel Singapore

It was a totally impromptu meet-up. I was having lunch at Ion Orchard and I twitted the food I had. I got a reply from Calvin Timo that he was a few floors below where I was. I had a very full 8 course Chinese […]

Christmas Log Cake from Marriott Hotel

Tonight, we met up with our mates from Melbourne – a group of Malaysians/Singaporeans who studied together for Year 12/Foundation Studies and went around holidaying, cooking, hunting for food together for 3-4 years and eventually all settled here in Singapore. Sis and I could not […]