.Area: Tanjong Pagar / Robinson Road / Shenton Way

Thunder Tea Rice @ Amoy Street Food Centre

I saw this stall last week while I ate at Amoy Street Food Centre. Over the weekend, I saw an article appeared in the newspaper. While walking to the food centre for dinner, I headed straight to it. Some people says it is an acquired […]

Fried Kway Teow @ Amoy Street Food Centre

After posting yesterday’s post. I had the cravings for Fried Kway Teow! (Don’t laugh!) So, for tonight’s dinner, I went to Amoy Street Food Centre and had Fried Kway Teow at the corner store. It also happens to be Stall 01-01! The stall does not […]

Ming Yen BBQ Seafood @ Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Last night, our friends flew in from Sydney on transit back to UK. Mag, our Aussie friend said that she wanted to eat at Lao Pa Sat. Hmmm I wonder if it’s because the Tourism Board has been advertising it in Sydney! She wanted to […]

Wantan Noodles @ Amoy Street Food Centre

This stall is a stall I frequently eat on Tuesdays / Thursdays for the last few years. Friends and I eat here because we all attend the same Bible study that is hosted at the church right opposite. We seems to be always rushing and […]

Tuckshop @ 21 Tanjong Pagar Road

Let’s meet at the Tuckshop for lunch today. No, not at the tuckshop in school, but a Shoplot at Tanjong Pagar Road. A colleague had emailed us a few links to pick for lunch. We like what we saw, and off we went. If the […]