Glamabox, a surprise every month for your partner!

Have you heard of Glamabox? I have only recently heard about it and thought what an interesting idea it is! Most ladies I know love surprises. I also noticed that ladies love to receive packages! Put them together and most ladies will be so so […]

Volunteers Food @ YOG

As YOG Volunteers we get free food when we are working. You would probably have read about the food that one volunteer ate. Hmm dog food? I personally don’t think so. Depending on where you are based, you get your food differently.  I was based […]

Pretty Fruit Tarts. Looks Pretty Only. Tasting it you feel cheated

A busy week, so here’s a short filler. These two slices of fruit tarts looks really good doesn’t it?It’s not cheap too! Each slices costs around $8. But when you eat it, it does not taste good at all.The fruits does not taste fresh or […]

Cake Boss premieres tonight (7 PM) on Discovery Travel and Living (Starhub Channel 16)

Thanks to Julia of AromaCookery.com for inviting me to be her partner to the Discovery Travel and Living Cake Decorating session. A new television show – “Cake Boss” airs tonight on Discovery Travel and Living at 7 pm. To help promote the show, the PR […]

Away for a week – Blessed Lunar New Year

Wishing all who celebrates the Lunar New Year and very very Blessed, Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year! I was away for a week and I am back!Regular programming resumes! 😉