.Cuisine: Halal

Javanese Malay Food @ Clementi West St 2

A colleague said let’s go to Clementi to eat some Malay Food yesterday. We were wondering where he would drive us. Oh… it was to Clementi West St 2. He said the Javanese Malay stall that we used to go to (at Blk 727, same […]

Seafood Pasta @ Bagus Food Court, IMM

Things that kids nowadays like to eat. This is what my P6 cousin recommend I eat. She ordered this for her lunch today and said I should try it too, and so I did. For $5, this is not too bad lah for food court […]

Nasi Singapura – House of Lontong @ Adam Rd Food Centre

Do you suddenly feel like having food from certain stalls that you seem to have forgotten they exist? Colleagues and I did. We suddenly remembered that we have not been to Adam Road Food Centre for a very long time. It seems ‘automatic’ that our […]

Nasi Singapura House of Lontong @ Adam Road Food Centre

It has been a long time since colleagues and I went to Adam Road to have lunch. It’s funny, when we decide to go there, everyone will say, I want to order the Ayam Merah. But when we reach there, only 1 person end up […]

Nasi Putih Ayam Penyet @ ABC Market

Today colleagues and I wanted to eat swedish meatballs, but Ikea was so packed, so we detoured to ABC market, hoping to eat Fatty Cheong. But… it was not opened! So, 2 of us ended up eating Malay food, while the rest ate other things. […]