.Area: Anchorpoint / Alexandra Village / Bukit Merah / Ikea

ieat Makan Session at Joe’s Kitchen @ Bukit Merah

Last nite, some 45 gluttons met in a HDB shoplot restaurant called Joe’s Kitchen. It was a makan session organised by ieatishootipost.sg It was like a dégustation menu or sorts. Usually dégustation menus are not filling, where you slowly and carefully taste and appreciate various […]

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Anchorpoint

On Sunday night, we needed to get something from Ikea, so we thought we would have dinner at Ikea as well. When we got there, we realize that Ikea at Alexandra is under renovation. The restaurant’s closed! So, we crossed the overhead bridge to get […]

Desserts @ Secret Recipe, Anchorpoint

Last Saturday nite, met up with another group of friends for our monthly dinner. We had wanted to go to that Disney theme place, but we did not booked, and ended up having to eat elsewhere. We walked around and ate at Secret Recipe instead. […]

Kopi Alley @ Anchorpoint

Two days ago, we had lunch at Anchorpoint. The renovations are not fully completed yet. The main entrance is not ready! haha… Walking around, we did not know where to eat and ended up eating at the new Koufu food court. We were feeling warm […]

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra

I think only in Singapore that people go to Ikea not for furniture shopping but for food! Do you belong to this category of people? 🙂 Anyway, a colleague wanted to buy an ironing board to replace the one at home that broke into 2! […]