Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Have you attended a Tupperware Party? I recently received an invite to attend a Tupperware Party and the host was Chef Wan! Yes, the hilarious and very animated Chef Wan from Malaysia! I told my mum about it and she got very excited than me! […]

Making Macarons and serving them in Tupperware

[The awesome looking Tupperware container used in this post has been sponsored by Tupperware] Almost every Christmas my sis and I will bake something for friends in church and also our colleagues. We thought for sometime and decided we would bake macarons! I bought an […]

TV Dinners with the Tupperware Tapau Set.

[The awesome looking Tupperware container in this post has been sponsored by Tupperware] Hands up, people who eat lunch or dinner in front of the TV? I know many families who don’t use their dining table but use their coffee table instead to have your […]

Tapau Set by Tupperware

[This post is sponsored by Tupperware] Hands up how many of you have Tupperware at home? I do! My mum still has a few sets, my grandma has them. My aunts also have them. Why do so many people own Tupperware? I guess it’s probably […]