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DINE INN – Online Community Marketplace for Home-cooked Meals.

DINE INN – Online Community Marketplace for Home-cooked Meals.

So…. While browsing your Instagram or Facebook feeds, when you come across photos of home-cooked food, have you ever wish you could order that dish to try? Have you ever said to your family members or friends that you should open a restaurant or cafe […]

Homemade Kaya from Rosy’s Kitchen @ Surrey, UK.

This is for those living in London / UK / Europe and miss having some good kaya to go with your butter and roti! In March, I visited my relative’s place and we had some very delicious home made kaya for breakfast. Rosy has been […]

Nasi Lemak – Prawn Sambal

We prepared this a few times over the last few weeks. Relatives coming over for a homemade Nasi Lemak lunch. Nasi Lemak made at home just taste extra good. You know the ingredients are fresh and there is no additives. The rice, fragrant and steaming […]

Cake Recipe: Granny Smith Cranberry Olive Oil Cake

Here is a recipe to share with you all. Of the many cakes that the wife got for her birthday this year, this was the only home made one and probably the tastiest too! Some of you have seen me post the photo of this […]

Happy Dumpling Festival!

Wishing all a very Happy Zhang Festival! Mum is not making any Zhangs this year.But these are made and given by relatives instead. Kee Zhang or Alkaline Zhang.The top bit has been bitten off by Momo 😉 I don’t particularly like Alkaline Zhang.I like Bak […]