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Island Cafe (Tangs)

Island Café @ Tangs Orchard

Island Café is one of the cafe that is still around after so many years. How many of you grew up visiting this place with your parents? It’s been a while since the wife and I came here. In fact, with so many malls opening […]

Island Cafe @ Tangs

This was eaten last Saturday evening. After our french lunch and chicken rice, Momo and I was just too full to eat, but as a nice brother, we decided to call sis and asked if needed company for dinner. (although we had no intention of […]

Island Cafe @ Tangs Plaza

I had some points that were expiring from my Tangs card, but i didnt have anything to buy at CK Tang. So the next way to use up the points was to eat at Island cafe 🙂 I usually wouldnt come here, unless i had […]