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Black Forest Cake by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

It’s the FIL’s birthday and the wife (KopiKosongGirl) was trying very hard to decide what cake shall we get him? Dad’s favourite cake is the Black Forest Cake. After some intensive online research, (ie reaching blogs and reviews), the wife read a lot of good […]

Smittten by The Patissier

May is a month of many many celebrations in our family. We have had so many slices of cakes for many occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Cakes are something very high in calories and nowadays people if they see the same cake, they would not touch […]

Cold Stone Cremery @ Orchard Central

We got this voucher for Cold Stone Cremery from Far East Organisation¬† / Quincy Hotel since last year and we were thinking of an occasion to use it for someone’s birthday. When we finally wanted to use it for someone’s birthday. It was meant to […]

Awfully Chocolate @ VivoCity (again!)

It’s another post on Awfully Chocolate. :-p After buying our chocolate cake and chocolate truffles, we walked out of the shop. We ate the truffles immediately and after tasting their chocolate, we thought we just had to try their ‘hei’ premium dark chocolate ice cream […]

3 Cakes for 3 Darlings @ Awfully Chocolate

Earlier tonight, we celebrated 3 friend’s birthday. The we is 31 of us. Thanks to the organizers who went through the trouble so the rest of us could have 3 wonderful cakes. (oh, do I sound that we are more interested in eating the cake […]