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Breakfast at Gemmills Singapore.

Breakfast at Gemmills Singapore.

Here’s a hidden (or not quite busy yet) place to get breakfast if you happen to work in the Amoy Street or Telok Ayer area. The address of the place is officially 110 Amoy Street, but the entrance to the place is by the back door.If you are one of those early risers and take the MRT to work, you can exit before 7:45 am and take a short walk to Gemmills from Telok Ayer (Downtown Line) MRT Station. Telok Ayer Station happens to be one of the 18 designated stations that you can get off for free if you exit before 7:45 am. Just cross one street and a half and you are at Gemmills. Your mobile phone map can show you the route.

Money saved on your ride and be used to get some food and coffee here. The prices here are reasonable too. Scroll to the end for a photo of the prices.

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Here’s the entrance that is accessible from Gemmill Lane.

This place morphs depending on the time of the day. From 8 am in the morning till afternoon, it’s a cafe, in the evening it becomes a pub. This place is a licensed bottle shop that has a wide selection of sparkling, reds and whites from around the world plus a selection of craft beers too.

Gemmills Singapore

Was here to have sampling of the breakfast that is served, courtesy of Gemmills.

There is a coveted seat here but most people will not get it unless you happen to be there at the right time. It has a view of the circular ‘fire escape’ staircase that is common in older buildings. Very Instagram-able just like the food here.

Decent enough table for your food and drink and 13 inch macbook air. Sorry, no wifi available as yet.

Gemmills Singapore

The priciest food here is only $8 for this bowl of Granola with Fruit and Yoghurt.
The granola is pretty good and it had a good mix of nuts and oats and has a nice toasty aroma.

It sure taste much better than my recent breakfast which has been Weet-bix. Ya, I am on strange diets sometimes and it has been Weet-bix the gluten free ones recently.  This granola made me think, why am I eating WB!!
This was Catherine‘s coffee, I was having Tea.

Gemmills Singapore

This was the sourdough toast with jam that I had. Breads and pastry are all made in house as they have a baker that makes them there. Nicely toasted with a generous amount of butter and house-made blackberry jam, it was something simple and good.

Gemmills Singapore

The bakes for the morning. If you want a bigger selection, go around 10 or so and everything will be out on display. It will then remind you of the Cafes that are in Melbourne.

In fact, one of the co-owner of the place calls Melbourne his permanent home.

Gemmills Singapore

A capture of the pricing if you want to know.

Gemmills Singapore

For those in the area and have missed Stamping Ground Coffee House who have moved to the East Coast area, in the month of August, Gemmills and Stamping Ground are collaborating to have 2 unique blends of cold brew just to beat the heat.

Gemmills Singapore
110 Amoy Street, #01-02
Singapore 069930

Tel: +65 6221 5564
Opens from 8 am to midnight everyday except Sundays.

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