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Power your day with Quaker @ Brunches Cafe

Recently after coming back from a short holiday, we were invited to try a menu that’s made from the different products by Quaker Singapore at Brunches Cafe. I had wondered how would it would taste. From the way I prepare Quaker Oats, I just use hot water and stir and eat it. It’s one of the ways to stay healthy.

I was pleasantly surprised that that the food prepared with Quaker products at Brunches Cafe is so tasty, it’s a little addictive that I wanted to order another portion. Even not because of coming to try oats, Brunches Cafe is a very cosy place with lots of furniture and fixtures that have been reused. Someone said it’s a very ‘instagrammable’ place! The food I heard is quite good too. I’ll be back to try other food another day.


A good cup of coffee pleases the wife and she gave a nod of approval of the coffee here.
Other than the coffee here, the staff here is also very friendly to kids!


From now till the end of the year, if you like me want to try how the different Quaker products can be made tasty and not boring like how I prepare them at home, you can visit Brunches Cafe and order from the “Power Your Day With Quaker” menu.


If you all have been shopping in the supermarket, you might have been given the ‘Quaker Oat for Rice’, you can prepare risotto with it! My colleague at work brought the ‘Quaker Oat for Rice’ to work and ask if anyone want it because he doesn’t cook.


We wanted to go to ‘Brunch’ for brunch at around 11 am, but because of the little girl messing up our schedule, we only went there at 3 pm or so. So sad that the dessert was sold out by then!


The Creamy Chicken Risotto was really creamy and had lots of chicken chunks. Probably the first time I had ‘oats’ that is savoury. It was almost like the ‘usual’ risotto just a bit healthier with the carrots and cucumber cut into tiny bits that gave it a slight crunch. Taste wise, it’s something that I could keep putting it into my mouth.


Quaker Sweet Corn Oatmeal Porridge.
This second dish is more like the usual cooked oatmeal porridge that people will prepare at home except it has some sweet corn. Slightly sweet when compared to the risotto that is savoury. This is a vegetarian option and they have replaced meat with some delicious mushroom. Love that the sunny side egg is so nicely done and the egg yolk does goes well when mixed with the sweet corn oatmeal.

You can try and get idea about how you can prepare Quaker products in a different way.

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore  218381

Tel: + 65 8685 8488

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