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Dilmah High Tea Set @ Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook (C&C)  is probably the cafe that we visit most often because it’s in our neighbourhood. We will walk in and pick up a pastry or two on the way home. For the longest time, I have never blogged about this place because we don’t want to invite people into our neighbourhood and cause a ‘congestion’ to a place we love.

So, why am I blogging about it now? There are now more cafes along this “Carbo Street” (aka Lorong Kilat) to spread the cafe crowd, so it’s a good time to introduce this gem in our neighbourhood.

If you love their pastries and other baked goods, you might probably wish they come in a smaller size so that you can order a variety to try.  Good news! C&C is participating in the “Host a Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge” and they will be pairing food with the Dilmah Exceptional Premium Tea Series.

It will only be available this week (20-28 June 2015).

Carpentar and Cook, Dilmah High Tea Set
Dilmah High Tea Set for 2 ($20 per pax)

For $20 per person, you get to choose 1 flavour of tea from the Dilmah Exceptional Premium Tea Series and a selection of different pastries and other bakes.  

If you prefer to dine alone, you can still have the tea set (which comes in a 2-tier platter) and sample the variety of food.

(This Cafe is also a shop that sells furniture and other antiques, you’ll be served on these lovely antique china and cutlery! When they first opened, I set my eyes on the church pew chairs and wanted to replace our dining room chairs with them, but it was a bit out of my budget then.)

Carpentar and Cook, Dilmah High Tea Set

What we had earlier today:

– Earl Grey & Lavender Mini Loaf
– Valrhona Caraibe Chocolate & Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Tart

Their Earl Grey and Lavender Mini Loaf this week is made with the premium series Dilmah Earl Grey. Still having the texture and fragrance of Earl Grey. Not too strong for me.

My favourite of the day is the Valrhona Caraibe Chocolate & Maldon Sea Salt Caramel Tart. I have to confess I am bias to anything chocolate. Made with one of the better chocolate around, it’s something you got to try.

Carpentar and Cook, Dilmah High Tea Set

This is something that Anglophile loves. Scones and Clotted Cream. The scones (made with French butter) and jam are made in-premise.  The only thing that they do not make are the clotted cream – they import them from Britain.

They served both good old plain scones and mixed fruit scones.

Carpentar and Cook, Dilmah High Tea Set

The green apple and cucumber finger sandwiches were lovely.  Sis bit into it and said it’s brioche because of the noticeable fragrant buttery taste.  I have never had green apple, cucumber and yoghurt sandwiches, and was pleasantly surprise that it was refreshing.  I thought they added a secret ingredient because I tasted something pickled in the sandwich.

Their Tiramisu is made from the coffee which they brew with the coffee machine. They don’t use the usual ‘coffee liqueur’ that most home bakers use (i.e. kahlua or amarula). I am not telling you what they use, I am sworn by secrecy. Taste it and see if you like them.

Macarons! Everyone love a macaron that has been nicely aged, still having a hard shell and slightly chewy inside. It’s best paired with the Rose with French Vanilla Dilmah Tea. Why? It’s a raspberry and lychee macaron! They use fresh lychee that is now in season. French dessert fans will know what flavour that will be! Ispahan!

What would you recommend?
– This set during this week is good and it’s a good price. Our usual takeaway of 2 items already cost around $14. This set allows you to sit and have the items above and also a pot of tea.
– If you have room for more food, we love their Lemon Tart! It’s one of the items that we always have for takeaway.

Baby notes:

Crowded cafes are usually a no no for babies. Weekends are really busy here, so parents with babies should avoid it. Weekdays are all right though, we live nearby and we know when people flock to our neighbourhood.

Other notes:
This was an arranged tasting session, thanks to Dilmah Teas. We paid for our takeaways that we could not resist, i.e. the Lemon Tarts.

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598120

Tel: 6463 3648
Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays: 10am – 10pm / Sundays: 10am – 7pm / Closed on Mondays

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