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The Entertainer App 2015 – where you can save money with the Buy One Get One Free deals.

Oh where have you seen this mascot before? He looks a familiar doesn’t he?
It will be if you have The Entertainer App on your mobile phone.

I was recently at the launch party for The Entertainer Singapore and got to meet a few of the companies that are offering the Buy One Get One Free deals.

One thing about The Entertainer is that the Buy One Get One Free deals are available for use 3 times. So if you really like the place that you have dined, you can go back again to use the deal again.

The Entertainer App

Time really flies! It’s already February 2015 and there is slightly more than 10 months to go before the end of year.

Why am mentioning the end of the year when it’s only February? It’s because The Entertainer App is valid for a calendar year, ie from January to December. The earlier you get it, the more months you get to enjoy it.

The Entertainer App

Just as the poster says, there are over 750 offers from 250 merchants in Singapore. All having Buy One Get One Free offers.

The savings don’t end there! Also included with your Entertainer Singapore 2015, is the Entertainer Travel 2015, which features over 250 free night offers at leading 4 and 5 star hotels across Asia and beyond.

The Entertainer App

Yup, that’s The Entertainer App on my mobile phone.
(OCD folks, please ignore my unread mails and messages)

Do you know that The Entertainer App is free to download? You can download it and explore if you think it’s really worth it.

The Top 20 offers favoured by people who purchase it includes: 
Marriott Cafe, Senso, Una, Kinki, Bedrock, Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, Brewerkz, Spizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Bitters & Love, The Mad Men, Lime House, Sarnies, Spruce, Wendy’s, Marble Slab, Spa Artisan, Kartright Speedway and True Fitness.

The Entertainer App

Having it on your phone also allows you to use the coupons easily compared to the hardcopy version.
Further more, having it on your phone, you can utilise mobile phone’s GPS capability to search for nearby offers.

If you are still wondering if you should buy the subscription after downloading the app, here’s a deal for readers of If you enter the code: 2015KEROPOK when you do decide to purchase the app, you can get a 10% off the purchase price. This code will be valid till the end of February 2015.

If you want to read more, you can also refer to my last year’s post about The Entertainer App here.

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