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A for Arbite, A for Amex’s #30liciousAmex deals

If you have not read about the American Express #30liciousAmex deals, you probably have been having a nap for too long. Well, it’s not too late to find out.

American Express and HungryGoWhere jointly present 30licious – S$30++ culinary treats for 30 days from 3 November to 2 December 2014. It’s their little treat for Amex card holders. I have tried the  #30liciousAmex meal at A for Arbite and it’s pretty good!

(If you don’t  have an Amex, you top it up to S$35++)

I recently went to A for Arbite with the Amex and HungryGoWhere folks to try out their $30 dinner deals. This is my report of the place and I think I will be back for more of their other food. I see things in the regular menu that the different family members at home will love.

Back to their #30liciousAmex deal here, the set dinner consists of a Starter, Main, Dessert and a drink as well. Quite a good value if you have been eating out. The set meal is for at least 2 persons, so you can get to taste everything you see here!

1) Starter (Soup of the day or Duck Roll)

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex
The Soup of the Day we had was the seafood soup. I personally love tomato based soup and this was nice. It had a nice viscosity and it was quite rich and hearty. It reminded me of a French bouillabaisse. A version without all the loads of fish and seafood required in a bouillabaisse, but excellent enough for such a deal.

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex
If you are not a soup person, try the Duck Rolls. They have done this version rather well. It’s like a Ngor Hiang that is made from duck. Rather interesting I would say. Duck rilettes with dried mushrooms, water chestnuts and grapes!

Nicely crisped on the outside and they have pickles to counter balance the rich taste of the duck. The chilli gastrique is where the crispy duck rolls are resting.

2) Main (Salted Egg Crab Pasta or Beef Stew)

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex

Salted Egg Crab pasta sounds like what you like? It that sounds utterly sinful, it’s not that ‘strong’ in the saltiness scale. I will say it’s the healthier version. The pasta they use is Zita pasta and it has salted egg, crab meat, chilli and hints of curry leaf flavour all mixed in. It’s also served with a  piece of deep fried soft shell crab.
This is the lighter of the two mains.

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex

If you like a bowl of hearty stew. Try this. The Beef Daube. I personally love this dish more as I love the flavour of it. Beef Shin with celery, carrots and red wine. Braised till it is just tender and not too soft and mushy. It’s so pretty how they plated the dish with fried onion rings stacking on top of each other.

(I took a peep at the usual menu and this dish already cost $25 and the crab pasta $24.)

3) Dessert (Edith’s Mess or Honey and Date Crème Brûlée)

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex

Edith’s Mess is a very interesting and beautiful mess indeed. It has the slight tartness from the passsionfruit jelly, the sweetness from rock melon ice cream. If you want some crunch, the honey comb brittle gives you time to chew while your dinner companion talks! I love the honey comb brittle and the rock melon ice cream!

A for Arbite @ American Express #30liciousAmex

Honey and Date Crème Brûlée is for those who likes a twist to the usual Crème Brûlée. This version enhanced with dates and honey. Quite a good combination.

The meal also comes with a non alcoholic drink that you can order from the menu. Quite a good deal, if you have tried this place, I think I will be back for the other regular food on the menu. It’s looking very tempting and the chef is pretty good.

So if you think it sounds like a good deal and you want to know what other restaurants and where you can book this meal, head on to There are over 30 places where you can book.

30licious is the newest culinary celebration by American Express Selects® – American Express’ way of bringing exceptional deals to its Card Members.

A for Arbite
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918

Tue – Fri: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Closed on Mondays.

Tel: +65 8321 2252

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