Save $ by using ‘Buy One Get One Free’ coupons with The Entertainer.

It’s a big yellow smiley! What’s that? That is the logo for The Entertainer app.
(I wonder why they choose that as the icon, but it’s probably because it will bring a smile to your face too.)

Entertainer App
This post is here because it’s an offer that The Entertainer has offered to readers. I use it myself, so I think for the majority of readers in Singapore, it’s worth considering. You can try it out for $19 (they just reduced it to $15) and see if it’s good for you. Details right at the end.

The Entertainer was founded in Dubai in 2001 and you probably know them for their Buy One Get One Free offers for dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation. It used to be on hard-copy and you need to tear the coupons before hand before you dine out.

You are probably like me, you do everything on your mobile phones. You want to access things on the go. You would probably screen capture something and then send it to your various Line or Whatsapp chat and ‘jio’ your fellow friends or family for ‘makan’.

Entertainer App Entertainer App Entertainer App

Look at both my mobile phones screen above. Can you spot the Smiley Face? The Entertainment app is available on iOS App Store, Google Play and Blackberry World. (I don’t use a blackberry, so I don’t have a screen capture)

There are over 900 offers, how are you going to search for it?

Entertainer AppEntertainer App

On the hard-copy version, you can search the index page. For the mobile version, you can search for offers based on proximity, new offers, monthly specials etc. Much simpler on the mobile for me!

Entertainer AppEntertainer App

One example is this offer by Laksania. Laksania is a social enterprise setup. Let me talk more about them. Their social mission is to help those with mental or physical disability gain employment. They employ the marginalised and help them earn a living using their own efforts.

By the way, their laksa is quite delicious too!

Entertainer AppEntertainer App

You can see the deals on offer with the pop up. If you already have a subscription, you can use it.
If not, there’s a great deal now on. You can buy One Month Membership to trial it!

One of the reason that it’s good to be on mobile is that you can go to a place impromptu!

Entertainer App

Just the other day, the wife wanted some Japanese and we went to En Japanese Dining Bar. We thought we recalled The Entertainment App has an offer. We checked and they said yes, we can use it here.

Around 2 months ago, a group of friends and I went out and we were dining at Skyve Wine Bistro. Someone had the Entertainer subscription then and he said he will be generous and share the coupons with us. So we used 3 Free Main Course coupons for the 6 of us. Our dinner that night was halved for our main courses. You can say we were quite impressed. You can check with each restaurant how many you can use.

I know some of you will systematically use up all the offer. That will ensure you have even more savings. There are quite a long list of restaurants here that will complement other existing cards that gives you discounts. We eat out quite a bit and we use various cards and apps to get discounts. You know dining out in Singapore isn’t exactly cheap.

Do your maths, you might find that it might save you quite a bit if you are going to eat out at certain places. You can download the App to see what restaurants, night spots, spas, hotel stays you will be using and then decide.

The Entertainer App

One year’s subscription costs SGD95. Depending on the restaurants you go to, you might just get discounts more than SGD100 after 1 or 2 visits at some really high end restaurants. If you go to the more moderately priced restaurants, you probably need 3-5 visits.

Some of you might say, what about a trial version? I don’t want to pay SGD95 now until I have used it and find it good. Guess what? There is now a One Month Mobile version for only SGD15.
You get over 750 buy one get one free vouchers to try out for SGD15!

The Entertainer App

You can go to the URL to read more about it.
It shows you the full mechanism of redeeming and using the coupons too.

Finally, here’s an offer for readers.

The Entertainer App
(Update: it’s now SGD15!)

If you enter @keropokman when you purchase the Entertainer Singapore One Month Membership, (like in the image above), the Entertainer will conduct random draw from now till 30 June 2014 among their customers who are using @keropokman as the promo code. The winner will get the full version of the app for FREE.

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