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Festive Feasting @ Park Hotel Group : Grand Park Orchard, Park Hotel Clarke Quay

The Park Hotel Group has 3 properties in Singapore. The Grand Park Orchard where most of us will know as Knightsbridge is the most prominent of the Park Hotels in Singapore.  Grand Park City Hall is also been around for sometime and I have been to friend’s wedding there. I only recently knew of Park Hotel Clarke Quay. 

This was a recently invited dinner all under 1 roof, where we got to taste the offerings from Grand Park Orchard and Park Hotel Clarke Quay. Something that I have not explored. The spread was held at the Cocobolo Poolside Bar and Grill at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. 

Here’s some of the Festive Goodies that we tried that night.

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Glazed Five Spice Bone-in Gammon Ham with Orange Cinnamon Sauce. 

Available at “Open House”, the main restaurant at Grand Park Orchard. This had been baked on low heat with honey, brown sugar, fresh honey pineapple puree and five spice powder. I remembered it being very tasty that I had seconds.

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Asian-flavoured Turkey with Cumin & Ground Hazelnut Sauce.

Looks like the chefs here are using low temperate for their cooking which takes a longer time. The bird had been marinated with cumin and baked at 120C. The hazelnut sauce (they used hazelnut liquor and cream) gives a twist to the familiar satay sauce.

This is also available at Grand Park Orchard.

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Whole Garoupa Crusted in Sea Salt with Chive Crème Fraîche.

If you want some fish dressed up in a festive mood, they have a whole garoupa for diners too.
Available at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. This is one of the highlights of thee Christmas Eve dinner at Brizo.

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore

Roasted Australian Beef Prime Ribs with Shallot Sauce. 

If you think these huge Prime Ribs are your kind of paleo / caveman inspired food, go grab some. A friend who is a huge meat eater suddenly comes to mind.

This is available at Grand Park Orchard, for the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ dinner at Open House.  Looks tempting doesn’t it?

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Roasted Australian Wagyu Hind Shank with Thyme Jus.

This was something I was quite attracted to. Standing tall and covered with finely chopped chives, it was quite a sight to behold. I was early and had requested the outer crusted layer and it was marvellous. The flavour’s all there. Yums.

Available at Grand Park Orchard. If you want to have this, you got to quickly book their “New Year’s Eve All-you-can-eat” dinner at Open House.

Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Christmas @ Park Hotels Group Singapore
Spanish Paprika Crispy Pork Belly stuffed with Apricot.

I just found this chunk of meat so beautiful that I am showing 3 photos. I am a porky fan. I had the outer layer that was quite tasty. Another friend who took the middle portions said it was not as flavorful. I guess you can always ask for the more crust with your meat.

Available at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. You can have this at Brizo’s New Year’s Eve Buffer dinner and join in the countdown party too.

Takeaway Festive Goodies and Hampers
If you want to get some of the above for your meals at home, you can order and collect them at Grand Park Orchard, Grand Park City Hall or Park Hotel Clarke Quay.
The order catalogue and order form is available online at:

Pricing and Listing of Feasts.
There are many different pricing and different feasting menus.
For the most up to date, you can refer to the following restaurant websites.

Open House,  Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857
Tel: +65 6603 8855
Pricing and updates:

Brizo Bar and Restaurant, Park Hotel Clarke Quay
1 Unity Street
Singapore 237983
Tel: +65 6593 8855
Pricing and updates:

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