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FIJI Water Halloween Set Dinner at Cafe Melba – October 2013.

It was a thundery and wet Thursday night, but I went ahead and cross the imaginary centre line in Singapore to cross to the Eastern side of Singapore.

Having lived a few years as a student in Melbourne, I was tempted to come and see what Cafe Melba has to offer when I was invited to try their set dinners for October.

This Cafe is not named after Dame Nellie Melba the Australian opera soprano that most Aussies would know. This is a combination of the two words Melbourne (MELB) and Asia (A). Determine to see how I can match this to something Melbourne, this almost all glass building has a slanted roof and it reminds me of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, slightly I guess.

Cafe Melba

I like the concept of open kitchen and here, you can see the food being prepared. The kitchen here and the other sister restaurants by Tadcaster Hospitality is led by Chef Kacey Whaitiri-Roberts. Chef Kacey worked for Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s London before coming to Singapore.

Love the deco and set up of this place. Super high ceiling, lush greenery outside, and this place has a big field in front and it’s great if you have kids and want to let them run around. It’s a great place during the day or weekends to let them run.

If you love bringing your pets out with your meal, Cafe Melba’s alfresco area welcomes your pets. The night that we were there, we could see quite a few woof woofs there. 😉

Cafe Melba October Specials

For Thursdays Nights in month of October (Oct 10, 17, 24, 31), they are having a special 3-course set dinner at $45++.

If you visit on Thursdays nights, you can watch ‘halloween themed’ movies under the stars.
The list of shows is available above. The 7 pm shows are more family friendly.

Cafe Melba
We had some pizza bread to start. It comes with 3 interesting dips. 

Cafe Melba October Specials

The set dinner is very straight forward. Set dinner here seems very reasonably priced too. 
To ‘taste’ everything in the menu, Camemberu and I alternate our orders, so we could try everything.

The set dinners also comes with a 500ml bottle of FIJI Water.

Cafe Melba
Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil

Made from 4 different kinds of mushrooms, it’s then blended to give it a nice smooth soup. It was a cold night and this warm soup did warmed up our tummies. Chef Kacey was around and he said the mushroom soup is prepared using FIJI water as well. The splash of truffle oil will give the extra aroma to the soup.

Cafe Melba
Saku Tuna Carpaccio with Guacamole and Bloody Mary

For those who do not fancy soups as starters, this would be a nice alternative. A beautiful alternative too. I like the clean taste of it too. The tuna rested a bed of guacamole and the bloody mary was made into a slice of jelly on top of the tuna.

If you are dining with a partner, order both and share to try everything like we did.

Cafe Melba
Oven Baked Sea Bass with Smoked Tomato and FIJI Water Consomme

The sea bass was crusty on top yet tender below.  The consomme is very interesting. We were told the chef smoked it first to give it a nice flavour profile and the used FIJI Water to make the consomme. It had a very clear Japanese flavour to it. Probably made using konbu.

Cafe Melba
Beef Rendang with Shoe-String Fries and Pizza Bread

The managing director Tony Coughlan is from New Zealand, but has an Indonesian mother-in-law who makes superb beef rendang. He likes to eat his fries and this rendang, so this is how he eats it. Guess what? It works for me too! They got his mother-in-law in to teach the chefs how to prepare this dish.

This portion is perfect for guys who eats a lot. A nice portion of beef rendang. It’s quite spicy and ‘damn shiok’. Comes with a bowl of shoe-string fries that’s annoying so delicious that you will eat it all up. The pizza bread is for you to wipe your plate clean of the rendang sauce.

Cafe Melba
Peach Melba

For the name’s sake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Puree and toasted almonds to give it a sweet ending.

I did notice that they have planned the menu quite well. One lighter and one heavier meal, both in portions and taste. I had Carpaccio and the Rendang, so it was a nice portion for my meal. I feel this is a good value Dinner Set at $45 ++.

Pizza and Other stuff:

Our host was very gracious and wanted to stuff us with more food. Some of their popular ‘shared food’ is their pizzas. 

Cafe Melba
Tandoori Chicken Pizza

When you have a nice recipe for your dough, you can then throw in generous amounts of ingredients and make delicious pizzas. Onions, coriander, mozzarella and mint yoghurt with tandoori chicken gives it a very nice moist pizza.

To me, there are 2 kinds of pizza eaters, those who likes their pizzas dry and then complain about soggy pizzas. Then there are those like me that loves moist ingredients on top and complain if the pizza is dry. I remember a nice little Italian pizza place near where I stayed in Melb that makes the most moist topping pizzas. They pack in so much ingredients (triple of what you see above) and that makes us always go back to them.

When the pizza arrives, eat it straight away to enjoy it. I like the yoghurt used instead of the usual tomato paste. Gives it a really different feel to your regular pizza. Yes, I love thin crust pizzas!

Cafe Melba
Three Little Pigs Pizza

Oinksters would definitely love this. The unholy trinity of home-cured bacon, honey ham and pepperoni. Give it a good slosh of tomato paste on the base and generous amount mozzarella. Woo hoo! ’nuff said. Yes, it was a moist pizza too!

Cafe Melba
Crayfish Linguini

When there’s pizza, pasta takes a back seat for me. I just had a mouth of this. Linguine was al dente, crayfish was good!

Cafe Melba
Mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce.

There are those that still prefer this to KrispyKreme right? 😉

Cafe Melba

When the weather’s good and you want to sit on the field, you can prebook your gourmet picnic basket at $50++ per basket.

You get 2 bottles of FIJI Water, 2 soft drinks, Popcorn or Kacang Puteh, Potato Chips or Nachos and a choice of either Mini Sliders or Mini Fish and Chips for your main bites.

Cafe Melba
90 Goodman Road
Goodman Arts Centre
Block N #01-56
Singapore 439053

Tel: +65 6440 6068

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