Supreme Pork Chop @ 67 Beach Road (Basement)

The wife always complains that every time a food court near her work place renovates, the prices of food goes up double digit in percentage. So when it’s not too busy a day, she and her colleagues will walk a bit further to get cheaper food.

She was telling me that she has been she has been eating the Pork Chop Rice and Fish Fillet Noodles since it was from Shaw Towers to Bras Basah Food Court to Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, Middle Road and now to 67 Beach Road.

It’s something that she and her colleagues are familiar and enjoy the taste of the food because it’s come a familiar taste. I finally got to try it the other day when we were in the area and I thought might as well try it.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Pork Chop with Fried Rice, Coleslaw and Egg. ($4.50)

A reasonably priced meal for folks who work in the Suntec area where food court prices are around $6-8 for something similar.

I ordered the works because I wanted to try the egg too. Without the egg, it’s $4.
The fried rice is so so, but what people like is the deep fried pork chop.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

You can see there’s no thick layer of flour coating, it’s simply meat.
The flavour is that of simple home cook meal. A simple but well seasoned piece of meat that has been deep fried. Brings back memories of childhood kind of food.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Noodles with Fish Fillet. ($4.00)

It’s thick noodles with slices of cabbage and simple brown sauce over it.
The wife orders this just because of the “mala” chilli paste that comes with it. That shiokness and numbness attracts her. She likes the fish that’s deep fried too.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

She and her colleagues will always order an extra portion of the fish ($3) to share. She did the same thing when I was there eating with her.

The pieces are big, with a medium size piece of fish and quite a bit of batter that that has some sesame seeds. I am ‘pai kuan’. I ate the crispy part of the batter and the fish but not the batter, cause I am not a fan of doughy stuff. I know many love doughy stuff just like the wife.

Supreme Pork Chop
67 Beach Road
(enter via the steps that goes to the basement)
Singapore 189688

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