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Mooncakes Season 2013

The Mooncake season is almost here again and everyone’s starting to think of where to buy this season’s mooncakes from. Some people will stick to the same one and some will try new brands that they did not try last few years.

This week, the wife and I are already going to place orders so that we can get the both sides of parents, our uncle and aunties mooncakes. Yes, every year we do spend quite a bit of money on giving gifts. It’s good that both the companies we work for, our HR organises bulk purchase that gives up to 30% off. We need to order them early to get discounts.

Here’s some Mooncakes that my family and I have tasted over the few weeks. It’s also to help you as you navigate through varieties available for sale.

1) The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Mooncakes by Summer Pavilion

We know of a friend whose family only gets Summer Pavillion’s goodies. Some of you regular customers will be glad to know there’s new flavours to try this season. Summer Pavilion has a new signature “Mini Snowskin Royal Milk Tea and Seaweed Mooncakes with Snow Lotus Seeds”. Yes, it’s a mouthful. That’s the long name of one mooncakes and not two. (6 pieces for $48)

Mooncakes - Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

Also, regulars will be glad to know that their old favourites like Snowskin Lycheetini and Green Tea mooncakes will still be on sale this season.  The Summer Pavillion Mooncakes are handcrafted by Chef de Cuisine Fok Kai Yee and his team.

My mum used to make her own mooncakes and yes, I do know how to make them too after watching her. It’s hard work. It might look easy as you see them knock the mooncakes out of the wooden or plastic moulds. It’s not really that easy. I have destroy and wasted quite a few mooncakes. Sometimes it’s easier to leave it to the professionals to do it. 

Mooncakes - Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

Many people decide on what to buy because of the boxes. My wife is one of them! You might be one of them as well. I am sure you have many colleagues who ‘chope’ boxes that your vendors might have deliver to your office too.

The Ritz Carlton boxes this year has a leather like cover with velvety feel inside. A very classy and yet contemporary gift for someone important. Maybe your boss, your future in laws.

Mooncakes - Ritz Carlton Singapore : Summer Pavillion

Doesn’t it just look beautiful? No restaurant name or brand stamped on to it, just a nice flowery design.

What about the taste of this new flavour: “Mini Snowskin Royal Milk Tea and Seaweed with Snow Lotus Seeds”? Someone was asking me and I replied it this way. If you have tasted the higher end Milk Tea (hint, the Japanese brand that starts with K, that also sells beer), it’s almost like that. It has a aromatic fragrant yet it was not too overpowering taste.

Mooncakes - Ritz Carlton Singapore : Summer Pavillion

That’s how it looks when you cut it open. The bits in the centre are the seaweed. I was wondering wondering why the seaweed was not as I imagined. I am not a pastry chef, so I talked to one. I explained the texture and Aha!  she knew what it was, but was not going to let out their trade secrets. So I still don’t know what kind of seaweed it is.  The ‘seaweed’ is crunchy,  delicate birds nest kind of crunchy, but without the salty taste you associate with seaweed. Go sample and try it out. Interesting!

For more information, surf on to Ritz Carlton’s dedicated Mooncake website ( for prices and early bird discounts. 

If you want more detail ordering information, you can call Summer Pavilion at +65 6434 5286 or email them at

2) Sheraton Towers Singapore Mooncakes by Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

If you are looking into old classics, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant might be what you are looking for. Probably suited for older folks or people you know are more traditional. Maybe if you have a traditional boss.

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

This year’s box is a nice auspicious red box that is rectangular, compared to last year’s squarish box. It has a nice Li Bai logo in the middle on top of the box. Classic, clean lines box design.

Li Bai’s mooncakes are handcrafted by Chef Chung Yiu Ming and his culinary team.

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

It fits 4 mooncakes inside and the box also has a soft feel to it. It has 4 compartments after taking out the mooncakes, so ladies know what they can do with it.

OK, I admit, guys do like boxes too. I also know what to put inside, my techie stuff that I feel deserve a nice cosy resting place. It’s upcycling these boxes right?

Out of the 4 flavours that Li Bai provided us, here’s two that took to our family’s delight.

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

I had more senior folks come over our place to try out these mooncakes. This was their pick. My uncle likes this Traditional Baked Mixed Nuts. Yes, it’s an acquired taste and only certain people will like it. This year, they have a new twist to it, it’s Mixed Nuts with Iberico Ham.  (4 pieces for $60)

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

I have tasted some of these mixed nuts mooncake since young, all sorts from different places, but I still it’s not for me. My parent’s generation who knows how to appreciate will says it’s nice. Maybe when I get older, I will start to appreciate it. Of course different people likes different combination or ratio of the nuts and ham. This version is with Iberico Ham was OK with them. Do you think your folks will fall in love with it?

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

For some reason, this “Traditional Baked Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Black Dates, Dried Longan and Wolfberries” did resonate with me.  (4 pieces for $57)

It’s simple, yet I found it pleasantly good. I think it’s probably the yellow lotus seed paste has a slight hint of the other ingredients. The lotus seed paste is still the main star here. I imagine if there’s too much wolfberries, dates and dried longan, it will taste like a longan and dates drink instead. This was just nice for me.

Mooncakes - Libai, Sheraton Singapore

Very nice thin layer of skin and the yellow lotus seed paste that has dates, dried longan and wolfberries in it. It was not too oily nor was it too sweet for me. Go try and see if you like it.

For more details, surf on to Sheraton’s Tower Singapore’s website.
If you want more detail ordering information, you can call Li Bai at +65 6839 5636 or email them at

3) Butt Mooncakes by Hong Kong’s Goods of Desire.

These are the cheekiest mooncakes I know this season. Definitely not for your bosses or parents / grandparents. Unless you are known to be the cheeky ones at home.

These mooncakes are made in Hong Kong and shipped in. They are made by Mei-xin Fine Goods which I read is a household brand in Hong Kong.

Mooncakes - GOD, Hong Kong

If you are a bit more ‘banana’ like me, you won’t know what ‘Ba Ye Shi Wu’ (15th of the 8th Lunar Month) means. My colleagues saw this package arrive in the office and was laughing away. I asked why and he told me, if you wear your shorts or pants and accidentally exposed your buttocks, most people say, ‘ba ye shi wu’. 

Now that you know it means exposing your butt, Goods of Desire is play with the word and created these Butt Mooncakes. Each mooncake has a lotus seed paste with a single egg yolk.

Mooncakes - GOD, Hong Kong

There are 4 ‘butt’ designs available, namely一筒Bunny, 不求人Cover-Up, 单吊T-back and卡窿The Split. The one above is ‘Bunny’. They cost $14.50 each or a box of 4 for $52. Creative and cheeky eh?

I wanted to laugh with all the comments that I got when I posted this on Instagram and my Facebook page. From a butt that’s so lumpy to full of cellulite. Would you buy it?

Surf on to Goods of Desire Singapore’s Facebook page for more information:
If you want more detail ordering information, you can email them at

You know where to try these mooncakes out now. A few places, for example Takashimaya Square has sampling stations for most of the restaurants, bakeries and hotels selling mooncakes. Enjoy your mooncakes! Now to top up our Chinese Tea leaves as we prepare for the Mooncake season.

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