Limited Edition Perrier Andy Warhol Collectible Bottles.

My wife and I were in Paris in March this year and we were buying up all sorts of still and gaseous water from the local supermarkets. She loves carbonated unflavoured water, and I prefer the still kind. We had a good time comparing the different brands and taste and even pH! (Perrier is 5.46 pH if you are wondering) Of course since we were in France, we bought Perrier! Ahem, it’s considerably much cheaper than in Singapore.

Since we like walking the aisles of supermarkets, we spotted the special Andy Warhol design bottles at Cold Storage around 3 weeks ago here in Singapore. I had a Instagram of it here.

Are you a Perrier fan or an Andy Warhol fan?
If you are both, you will be most glad of this special design bottles.

Perrier X Andy Warhol

Perrier seems to know we love Perrier! I got a pack of 4 330ml bottles (seen above) delivered to me courtesy of Perrier through their PR agency. (The Perrier glasses are from my own collection)

I got to read about what’s the design is all about too.

Perrier is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary and they are ‘warholising’ their bottles!
In the 1980s, Andy Warhol featured Perrier in his art. Now Perrier is paying tribute to Andy Warhol by redoing its label and featuring Andy’s signature Pop Art style. These are limited edition bottles.

Perrier X Andy Warhol

In Singapore, the 330ml and 750ml bottles will be available for sale.
330ml bottles for $2.35 per bottle and 750 ml bottles for $3.30 per bottle.

Someone asked me on Instagram (@keropokman) if they are special design glass bottles. No, only the sticker on the neck of the bottles are.

A bit out of topic, but the missus and I started collecting Perrier glasses and bottles because it has our initials on it! SP! These glasses were also limited edition and the white Perrier words turn green when cold water is poured in. Very cool eh?

Perrier X Andy Warhol

The 750ml bottles will be on sale in Singapore from August. That’s my 2 bottles from the fridge that I happen to have and took them out to join these 4 Warhol bottles.

If you are into contests, here’s one by Perrier. I do hope I can win tickets to Paris!

Perrier Lucky Draw Promotion from August ‐ September 2013
To celebrate its 150 anniversary, Perrier holding a lucky draw for loyal fans! Stand to win a pair of tickets to Paris (worth $5,000), a staycation at Marina Bay Sands, iPads and many other attractive prizes!

For contest details, it’s available from the neck tags of the Andy Warhol bottles from August.

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