Sushi Tei – Spring and Kagoshima Menu

If you have not tried it yet, there’s a Spring Menu that is going to end soon on 15 June. I have tried it with our family a few times but the food from this post was an invited session by Sushi Tei through their PR folks.

Here’s some interesting and delicious Spring Specialties available at Sushi Tei:

Sushi Tei
Sayori Sashimi [ $12 (S) / $15 (M) ]

This fish looks sleek and bright doesn’t it? Sayori is a Spring delicacy. No, it’s not the fish (apparently Swordfish) that invaded Singapore according to folk lore. Sayori is a tasty and delicate fish also sometimes known as Japanese halfbeak or needledish.

It’s quite a fresh tasting fish, not a fishy kind of fish. The flesh is quite delicate. If you are super averse to even the slightest fishy smell, (you probably should not eat fish at all) or have it with a little ginger and a little dip of shoyu.

Sushi Tei
Pitan Tofu ($4.80)

An appetizer that century egg lovers will love. Tried it a few times and always loving it. The tofu is so soft and cold. Even without anything on it, it’s delicious. They use organic tofu for this dish. If you like the texture of springy egg white that has turned transparent dark golden and salty bit of fish roe, with the sauce made from the century egg yolk, this is for you.

It’s slightly salty and sweetish at the same time. 

Sushi Tei
Sashimi Moriawase “Ayame” ($22 from the Spring Menu)

I know my cousin will always order this when we go to Sushi Tei.

Also, available in the regular menu, the ones from the Spring Menu has Aji, Salmon and Hamachi. The Aji (Horse Mackerel) will then be deep fried and serve back to you really crispy.

Sushi Tei
Kani Gyoza ($6)

If you are like the ladies in my home that always like to order Gyoza when they see it in the menu, this was crab meat gyoza.

Sushi Tei

It’s really addictive. Light, sweet and tasty, you might need a second order.
Just look at the photo above. Yummy?

Sushi Tei
Amaebi Karaage ($6)

Sweet Shrimps! Deep fried shrimps. Just sounds so delicious doesn’t it? You can finish a whole bowl per person. I ate it whole, even the head.

We had a few other food too like beef, but I would like to highlight the Kagoshima Pork dishes. The dishes presented will be in my order of preference.

Sushi Tei
Kagoshima Miso Yaki Pork ($11.50)

This might look plain and simple, but this was my favourite Kagoshima pork dish for the night. Kagoshima pork with miso grilled quite to perfection. It was juicy and doesn’t have the ‘siap siap’ taste and the pork with miso on it gave it a nice sweetish, savoury taste in your mouth.

Sushi Tei
Kagoshima Pork Nabe / Sukiyaki ($15)

If you like Nabe, the variation this time is with Kagoshima Pork strips in it. This was the spicy soup base. Always a favourite even on warm nights in Singapore.

Sushi Tei

This is what the wife and I will order with 1 or 2 side dishes for 2 persons when we have ‘date nights’. We always like the hot pots, it’s not only eating it, but I think ladies love to be served food by the love ones too right?

Sushi Tei
Kagoshima Tonkatsu ($12)

I think I seldom have tonkatsu in Sushi Tei. I don’t know why. We usually go to other places more famous for the tonkatsu. Surprisingly, it’s good here.

Sushi Tei

Probably it’s because it’s Kagoshima Pork. 😉

Sushi Tei
Kagoshima Pork Hamburger ($8)

I know there are many people around who are quite fascinated by the Japanese version of a hamburger steak. This is a dense 130g of ground Kagoshima Pork Loin. The patty also has finely chopped onions and carrots. The sauce is a traditional Okonomiyaki sauce with a hint of sake.

Sushi Tei

Another dish that I seldom order, but it’s not really that dry. Probably because of the “K Pork”. The sauce is the sweetish sauce. I can imagine the wife whose tongue is more tuned to savoury food saying this is too sweet. I have a more acceptable of sweet stuff think it’s ok. 

Sushi Tei
Sunrise Meat Ball ($8.50)

The only reason I put it the last of the K Pork dishes is because it’s the most unhealthy of all. Yes, unhealthy food is also the tastiest. Minced Pork balls with salted egg yolk centre!

Everyone on Instagram has been saying that my wife eats super healthy stuff and I the other end. So I will try to be healthier and eat less of this.

Sushi Tei
Tako and Shirasu Yaki Udon ($13.50)

Before the desserts, for those who need to have a plate of carbo. This is also from the Spring Menu. A mixed of sliced cabbage, capsicum, bean sprouts, onions, baby sardines, pieces of octopus all stir fried with a splash of Yakisoba sauce for sweetness.

Quite delicious, but a filling dish. If you prefer ramen, you can ask for it as a substitute. The pieces of octopus will be a reason to order this! Lucky for us, the octopus was done just nice!

Sushi Tei
Something that I did not really know was that most of the desserts served at Sushi Tei are all from Japan!

If you are a green tea person, try the Matcha Nama Ice Cream.
Let these small cylinder shape dessert melt in your mouth slowly. The flavour of the green tea is rather intense. It reminds me of Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino!

Sushi Tei
For those who love prefer chocolates. Very nice dark chocolate too.

Sushi Tei
Salt and Red Bean Ice Cream ($3.40)

If you have always had the Shio (Salt) ice cream from the regular menu, you might want to try this version from the Spring Menu. Red Bean has been added to the ice cream and it’s quite a nice combination of taste.

Available now till 15 June at Sushi Tei island wide.
(Oops, I went there for lunch today and realised they have moved to the Summer Menu)

We had the tasting at:

Sushi Tei – Ngee Ann City Branch
391 Orchard Road
#05-30/31 Podium Block
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

Tel: +65 6737 8878
Hours: Mon–Sun: 11.30am–10pm

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