Italian Weekend Prosecco Brunch @ LaBrezza, The St Regis Singapore

Weekends…  Weekend Brunches… Weekend Italian Brunches…

My wife loves weekend brunches and for those of you who are always tasked to research about where to eat by your partner, this is another option that you can try for the coming weekends.

Tip: I know many people are hotel reward card holders too, if you are a SPG, that’s Starwood Preferred Guest member, (not Sarong Party Girl) you can collect points while dining here too! Yes, I am a points collector.

If you don’t know where LaBrezza is, it’s located on Level 2 of The St Regis Singapore. It’s facing the swimming pool with yes, with Botero sculptures at the swimming pool. Since we are talking about arty stuff, the walls of LaBrezza has very nice paintings too. If memory serves me right, the one at LaBrezza are by Singapore artists.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

If only weekend are days when carbo don’t turn into sugar and make you fat. If you think Botero sculptures are beautiful, and the artist has sculpted how humans should look, come! join me in having these delicious breads and rolls.

The focaccia were really good, I liked the one that had cherry tomato in it.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

LaBrezza does not a huge buffet line like in some other hotels, but it has a decent enough selection prepared by quite a few talented people. It’s very cosy too. The above are the folks preparing the food for us when I was at this tasting invited by The St Regis Singapore.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

It’s called the Italian Weekend Prosecco Lunch, so this is the Prosecco D.O.C.G. Adami they are serving free flow until 2.45 pm.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
The Salumi (Italian cured meats)

They have a selection of 24 months cured parma prosciutto, parma prosciutto, mortadella, salami and smoked salmon. Selection might change, you can refer to the menu online.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

For the Insalate (salads), if you are game to try everything, go ahead. You can get quite filled up with salads alone. Save your stomach for the grilled stuff, and also the pizza and pasta!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

I am a bit bias in showing photos with beautiful tomatoes, tomatoes are something I like!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

These San Marzano, Sardinia Green and Grappolo tomatoes looks so good right?
Ahem, I feel Italian eating these tomatoes. Eat these tomatoes and you will think twice or thrice about those tomatoes we usually buy from the supermarkets!

(For your info, Roma Tomatoes are not Italian, but scientist-made in America!! Roma is based on San Marzano though. So eat the real thing here!)

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
A bowl of delicious and luscious pachino cherries (tomatoes).
Aren’t we quite blessed to have food from all around the world available in Singapore?

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

Another of my love, mushrooms! My wife loves mushrooms too. We can eat A LOT of it!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Oh yes, the grilled vegetables and burrata etc….
Yes, I know not everyone loves these stuff. If you love them, you know where to get them now!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
I have not acquired the love for stuff in the cheeseboard.
If you are a fan, smell on……

After walking around the restaurant picking up your salads, cheeses, etc.
It’s time to sit down and relax. The pizza and pasta you can just order and order as you like from the menu. It comes in small portions, so you can order different types to try.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

The different kinds of pasta with the sauce were all quite addictive. This was the carbonara made from egg and pancetta with tagliatelle. Many who were there loved this.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

I loved this though. Probably my favourite, ahem, probably because of the tomatoes!
Pasta are all handmade in house, and this was really skinny linguine with vongole. It’s very tasty and you would probably order seconds.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Pizza Vesuvio – tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, italian sausages, roasted sweet peppers. One of the many kinds of pizza available.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
If you are a Risotto person, they have Chef’s risotto specials, so it depends on what the Chef feels like cooking. We were all treated to Risotto with Cotechino and Scamorza Cheese. The cheese covered the risotto that was served. You can see that the cheese is going to be a lil chewy.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Cotechino is Italian sausage. If you google and see it what goes into making it, it does sound like the ingredients for making luncheon meat. Guess what? It tastes like luncheon meat too. If the Chef is making this on the day you visit, order a portion and try. You might love it if you are a luncheon meat person!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

Beside the pool they have a BBQ station set up. This is where the grilled meat you order is prepared.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore

Grilled Australian Lamb Chops, with lemon-mint marinade and roasted potaoes. One of the grilled meats on the menu.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Controfiletto ai ferri
Beef Striploin for you sir/madam? I am currently thinking of a friend who loves protein from beef. He eats a lot of it as well. Maybe he’s reading this, this is for you!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Spigola ai lemone
Seabass with lemon and olive oil. Fish people out there, for you. I remember this being quite delicious. Yes, I am a fish person.

It’s amazing how filling it can be. Portion and pace yourself during the meal if you want to try their desserts!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
We shared the Strata Umbria.
A bread pudding with spinach and mushrooms. It’s interesting quiche like savoury dessert.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Gelati lovers. Many flavours of gelato here. Chocolate!
This is something I can order a few rounds.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Cannoli alla Siciliana
I think I overate and now as I type this, I can’t remember how it tasted like. Pardon me!

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
Marsala sabayon with fresh fruit, I also can’t remember how it tasted.

La Brezza @ St Regis Singapore
While I can’t remember how the two previous dessert tasted, I remembered that I liked their tiramisu!
Served in a mug, it was something that I could eat even when I was full. Someone told us it’s a very traditional recipe used.

It was a nice Italian Brunch. A big thanks to LaBrezza for the invite to taste the brunch. This hotel is like an art musuem, walk around and look at the art pieces they have. This venue by the pool is also very relaxing. Sit indoors if you prefer aircon or if you like some weekend tan, sit just beside the pool.

The idea of cooking pasta and BBQ meats when you order is perfect. I think pasta is best eaten this way. In small portions and still the texture that you want and not turn soggy. 

The price:
$98++ per person with Prosecco D.O.C.G Adami
$68++ per person (without alcohol)
$49++ per child (4-12 years old)

The St Regis Singapore
Level Two
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911

Tel:  +65 6506 6884

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