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De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

Another burger place that you should visit if you are into burgers. We met up with some friends that we have not met for sometime for dinner. We were thinking of where to go and they finally said they felt like eating burgers and want to try De Burg.

It’s a burger place that serves really good and huge burgers in a Kopitiam! The burgers that comes out of this little kitchen turns out really good and satisfying.

Just that on some warm nights, you wish it was cooler so that you can enjoy the burgers more.

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

Look at their tables! Wrapped as if they are picnic tables!

We were there for dinner, so only the burger shop, another western food shop and the drinks stall were opened. Heard the western food shop is really good too.

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

After ordering your food, you get this buzzer.

Notice that it says burgers are not fast food. It is to tell you that it will take time for the orders to be ready. It took us nearly 30 minutes for the buzzer to sound for our orders.

It’s cook to order, and if there are lots of customers, you got to wait. Bring a book to read or iPad along so that you can play Candy Crush. See if the burgers come first or you can clear the tough levels first! 😉

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

De Burg ($18.50)
This is their signature burger, the burger named after the place. It’s quite a huge burger!

It’s 200 gm of Australian Striploin Patty, BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Grilled Crispy Bacon, Grilled Portobello, Salad, Tomato Slice, Onions and Mayo.

Tell me which of the ingredients you don’t like? I like all of it!
One of our friend had this.

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

The Richmond ($19.40)

This was my burger. It’s called the Richmond and according to the menu, it’s named after Don Richmond. Why? Not written there. Maybe you can ask them next time you are there.

Can you see what’s the different between the first burger and this? It’s basically the same thing plus a layer of Peanut Butter below! Yes, peanut butter!

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

Since this is the burger I was eating, I can take my time taking a couple more photos of it. The ring of mayo on the bun. So clever isn’t it? Look at the photo before the above and you can see the effect on it on the burger. Looks like an extra layer doesn’t it?

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

A zoom-in of the burger. A huge piece of portobello that was so juicy. A little crispy bacon giving it a nice crisp. I tell you, when you make your own burger at home, spread some peanut butter on it! The beef patty was also nicely done.

I should have cut it cross section to take photos, but I was already too hungry. Everyone on the table were already digging into their burgers!

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

The Singhjector ($17.50)

Another burger with an interesting name. On the menu, it says it’s named after Sunit Singh, which is their number 1 fan. Sorry, I don’t know who Sunit is.

It’s a very porky burger. It’s 200 grams of Australian Pork Patty, Iberico Chorizo, Grilled Crispy Bacon, Cheese, BBQ Sauce and Mayo.

As I am looking at this now, I feel like going back soon to try this. Was a bit shy to pinch other people’s food when we were all so hungry after the long wait!

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

De Burg @ Bukit Merah Lane

I can’t really tell which is which for the remaining 2 burgers. On the receipt that I had, there’s still the Cheeseburger ($13.50) and Mushroom Cheese ($14.90) that should be these two burgers.

I think photo right above this is the mushroom cheese. It’s suppose to have a portobello on it. I remember the wife ordering the mushroom cheese and she always removes her onions, so this must be hers! The portobello must have been hidden below the salad leaf.

So, should you visit this place?

The burgers here are good. Maybe I should say it’s great. Patties I have been told are just meat without fillers. The menu looks interesting. There’s upgrades like adding an addition 100grams of meat to the existing 200g burger. That would be so huge! There’s Wagyu upgrade as well.

For some burger like the mushroom and cheeseburgers, there’s also the 100gm versions too. So for those who don’t like too much meat, you can order that.

The prices of the burgers includes the side dishes. For 100gm burgers you can have 1 side. For 200gm burgers, you get to choose 2 side dishes. For all our burgers, we had chips and salad.

The heat might make you feel a little uncomfortable. We just happen to go on a very warm night. We ordered so many drinks to cool down while waiting for our burgers. When the burgers arrived, we ate and forgot about the slight discomfort.

De Burg
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 151119

Tue – Thu: 11.30 am – 3 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm
Fri – Sun: 11.30 am – 3 pm, 6.30 pm – 9 pm
Closed on Mondays and last Tuesday of the month

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