Spruce@Firestation – Upper Bukit Timah

A few months ago, Spruce opened in Upper Bukit Timah. It’s located at the iconic old Bukit Timah Fire Station. They have done a good job with the renovation and the old fire station without any pillars in the middle looks really nice for a cafe.

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
That’s what you see from the front. You enter via the back of the building.

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
The entrance from the back where there are lots of parking spaces available if you are driving there.

I went there recently with friends visiting from Kuala Lumpur. It was a public holiday and a Monday and we did not expect it to be so packed. Even the service staff said, Sundays isn’t that packed too! We got seated around 15 mins later.

Here’s what we ate that morning:

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
Spruce Signature Steak Benny ($31)
Poached Egg, Ciabatta with Black Pepper Hollandaise.

Who says you can’t have steak earlier in the day? Brunch is a good time for steak!
I had a bite of Jon’s food and I wanted to have more. Too shy to eat all of it! I read before that they use USDA Beef here, this was probably the same?

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
Spruce Big Breakkie ($19)
Eggs (Scrambled, Poached or Sunny Side Up), Bacon, German Sausage, Roasted Tomato, Roasted Potato, Mushrooms and Focaccia Toast.

Eric had the big breakfast. The Sunny Side up looks so good right? Eric said the sausage was nice too. Makes we want to come back and order everything over again!

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
Crab Cake Benny ($25)
Ciabatta, Crabcake, Poached Egg, Back Bacon and Hollandaise.

Nic had the crabcake. Doesn’t the plate looks as if there’s a crab on it?

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
Spruce Signature Ahi Tuna Tartar ($22)
Toasted Ciabatta and Avocado.

I liked the Ahi Tuna Tartar. Everything has been mixed and I could just eat it just like that. The ciabatta was toasted and really crispy. The avocado spread over each crispy piece of ciabatta with some tartar was delicious.

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
Banana Hotcakes ($14)
Honeycomb Butter and Blueberry Syrup.

Why did we order this? We were seated where the food that comes out of the kitchen had to pass us. We keep seeing hotcakes after hotcakes coming out and we were tempted!

Spruce - Upper Bukit Timah
If you are a hotcakes person, try this. the honeycomb butter and blueberry syrup replaces the usual maple syrup. It can be quite sweet for some people though.

Spruce’s brunches (which was introduced to me by the brunch loving wife) is available on weekends and public holidays only. 

The ingredients were very fresh and the food delicious. We love how the old building around Singapore has been transformed by the owners of Spruce who has also done up other old buildings like Alkaff Mansion.


260 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588190

Tel: +65 6466 5582
Hours: Mon- Fri: 11.30am – 12.30am / Sat-Sun: 9.30am – 12.30am
(closes late because of the bar, call to ask when dinner service ends)

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