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Ivins @ Binjai Park, Bukit Timah

It has been some time since we stepped foot at Ivins. Long long ago, it was one of the place to go for peranakan food that had the comfort of air-conditioning. We have not been back for some time because there are so many newer ones coming out everywhere.

The other day, our Aunt asked us out for lunch and she said let’s go to Ivins. It has been a long time!
It’s still like how we remembered it to be, the portions still a lil small, the food’s nice, not spectacular, but it has it’s own followers. This place has been around for such a long time!

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Otak-Otak Panggang ($1.80 each)

Remember to order 1 for each person or everyone will not feel satisfied eating only a bit of it. It comes with some sambal and a cucumber. Look at the sambal, tempting isn’t it?

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Babi Pongteh. ($5.40)

Still as small as ever. If you are a fan of bean based sauce, you might like it. There’s only a few pieces of pork and that’s it. The sauce is addictive though. It makes you finish your rice rather quickly!

The wife who has peranakan blood gave me a look and gesture the X with her fingers, meaning no no no. No bamboo shoots, no mushrooms, no this and that inside, how can it be Babi Ponteh she said?

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Nonya Chap Chye $4.60

The Chap Chye. So so lah…. Every peranakan grandma has their own version. We noticed our cousin loved it though. She loved the light and thin broth, which can be quite addictive.

We think other veggies are nicer… See below..

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Beef Rendang. ($5.40)

You see bubble because it was bubbling in a very hot claypot. The beef was tender and the taste, quite good. Their version here is one of the nicer ones around. Their version is not so dry as in it has some gravy to it.

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Ikan Masak Assam Pedas ($4.90)

The Fish Assam Pedas somehow was rather appetizing. The spicy-sourish appetizing tamarind sauce somehow makes your hands go into auto-reflex mode to scoop more sauce into your mouth. I was like ‘drinking’ it straight from the claypot. They use red snapper.

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Lady Fingers Sambal ($3.50)

We think this will be a better choice for fiber than the Chap Chye, that’s if you eat okra / lady’s fingers. The blanched lady’s fingers topped with sambal was so delicious. It was an extra bonus that young lady’s fingers were used. The photo of it looks so good right?

(Talking about this dish, we discovered another nicer version at Violet Oon’s Kitchen which is nearby too, Voilet Oon’s sambal is top notch!)

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Terong Goreng Chilli ($3.50)

If you like brinjals (or egg plant), this was also a nice dish to try. The brinjals were deep fried until it’s brown and topped with the same sambal used for the lady’s fingers. The brinjals were so soft and delicious. 

Ivins @ Binjai Park
Tauhu Goreng $3.50

A very home style dish, Tauhu Goreng. Just like how mum and grandma will cook. Deep fry the tofu and then served it with boiled bean sprouts and cucumber slices and delicious spicy peanut sauce.

It’s a nice revisit place if you haven’t been there for a long time. The prices looks cheap because the portions are small, it works out about the same prices elsewhere. 

IVINS @ Binjai Park
19/21 Binjai Park
Off Dunearn Road
Singapore 589827

Tel: 6468 3060
Hours: 11am to 3pm (Lunch), 5pm to 9pm (Dinner), Closed on Thursdays

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