Forture Restaurant @ Bukit Timah Road

It was one of the weekends that we had a big family gathering. We initially wanted to try Violet Oon’s Kitchen but we forgot to book! We live nearby so we thought we could just go over and hopefully grab a table. Looks like we had no luck! The place was fully booked and to get a table will take like over an hour.

We were too hungry to wait for an hour and so we decided to eat next door. The good old zhi char place, Forture Restaurant that has been around for the longest time. (We never bothered to ask why it’s Forture and not Fortune) People do complain about this place, but we never encountered anything bad here. I guess you need to be tactful.

It’s not like they know who we are. We are just regular paying customers, but we got our aunt who is super (what you call) ‘auntie’ that can tame any one into obedience. Knowing a few dialects is good as she is always like instant friends with anyone that she speaks to!

It was a Sunday afternoon and it’s their less busy time. The chef who don’t really smile, recommended that we try some of his signature dishes. I don’t know why, but he walked past and we answered us.

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
Monkey Head Mushrooms with Baby Bak Choy (Xiao Bai Cai) $18. As usual, we don’t expect beautifully ‘manicured’ vegetables here. They are known to be quite ‘rough’ in the presentation skills.  Nevertheless, they tasted really good. Quick high heat wok stir fry vegetables always taste good.

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
One of the popular dishes is “Herbal Chicken” ($15). Wrapped in plastic and aluminum foil. The chicken has been steamed till it’s so tender and the herbal soup so aromatic. Our cousin loves this dish and she will soak up all the soup!

We have stopped eating things cooked in plastic, but once in a while, we try it if it’s their signature dish. 😉

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
The chef told aunt this was a special dish. Homemade Pumpkin Tofu. $10.  We were wondering how it will turn out. Pumpkin mashed and mixed into tofu? It turned out to be homemade tofu that has been deep fried with pumpkin sauce and mushroom over it.

We were not really impressed because it turned out so simple. It’s tasty and that’s probably all about it.

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
This vegetables we tried it somewhere before and can’t really remember where. Green Dragon Vegetables. (Qing Long Cai). $18

It’s like chives, but yet still does not smell or taste like it. It’s slightly crunchy. They fried it with some bean sprouts. I like it. It’s something that you can nibble non stop just with plain rice!

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
Another chef specialty that he only prepares for the weekend.  Crispy Duck (Xiang Shu Ya) $18

Fragrant and crispy, we thought of Crispy Duck that’s famous in London’s Chinatown! This version does not have the meat ‘pulled’ and also not wrapped in mini pancakes. Maybe I should bring my MIL who loves duck here to try this.

80% of the people on the table likes it, probably except me. I don’t like deep fried duck. I like braised duck! (or maybe Peking Duck!) If it’s shredded with some sauce and crispy cucumbers, I would have loved it. 🙂

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
We had a fish too. Thai Style Fish Head $20. Not the Thai Style that we thought it would be. I guess we have Thai Chilli Sauce implanted in our head when we see anything Thai Style.

This is Thai Style Curry. It’s deliciously sour. A little like Thai Red Curry, only more sour and appetizing! The fish was really tender so it was quite a delight. ‘Guarantee with a chop‘ to make you finish your whole bowl of rice!

Forture Restaurant, Bukit Timah Road
The latest craze in Singapore is anything salted egg! Their Salted Egg Prawns $30. Prawns that were quite big and deep fried till very crispy that you can even eat the heads and chew on it.  It was really fragrant and yummy.

A place that isn’t too expensive. All of the above for $135.90 for 8 persons.
If you prefer the air con, there’s also an air-con section in the restaurant.

Oh ya, the drinks people and the food people don’t seem to see eye-to-eye. If you want to order drinks, order from the drinks person. For food, order with the food person, they won’t bother to pass message. It’s one of the quirks. If you understand their ‘culture’ here, you won’t wait in vain and get angry. 

Forture Seafood Steamboat
887 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 279896

Business Hours: 11 am to 2.30 pm, 5 pm to 11.30 pm daily.
Tel: 6469 5957 / 6463 0479

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