Ramen Bar Suzuki @ Boat Quay

Singapore’s becoming a Ramen island! So many new ramen places opening up, and each getting more and more authentic to the real Japanese flavour. The wife loves ramen, so when we know of one, we will go try it out!

We were discussing about work the other day and somehow ramen was mentioned and a colleague said that there’s a new Ramen place at Boat Quay that his friend says is like the one he just had in Japan few weeks ago. It’s called Ramen Bar Suzuki.

I told the wife and off we went last Saturday evening! We thought it was probably still new, because there was no queue when we went around 7:45pm. The place was empty too, but halfway through our meal, we realised it was nearly full. Talk about timing!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
Compared to Keisuke Tonkotsu King, this place is much cooler (as in temperature) and a little larger too. It sits around 30 or so and there was a table outside the shop too. 

Ramen Bar Suzuki
Their grounded sesame seeds, instead of a Suribachi and Surikogi, you grind it using the little plastic apparatus that turns on top. They have garlic flakes here though! Potent ones too!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
There’s also the free eggs and seasoned bean sprouts which we liked. The sprouts were spicy and very addictive.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
The signs says you get free rice if you dine during lunch time.
We were there for dinner, and we don’t think we need the rice, it was filling enough!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
For those who loves fried pork fats, they have this here!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
The Best Way To Eat their noodles.
See the words in red, and the asterisk. 😉

Just like Tonkotsu King, they White, Black and Red Tonkotsu Ramen.
They call it Pure White, Jet Black and Cardinal Red here. Order using separate sheets for each order.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
Pure White Tonkotsu Ramen (Extra chashu, seaweed and flavoured egg version, $15.20)
I like everything so I ordered the works. If not, the price starts from $12.90.

The broth is rich and flavourful. I finished it all up! I shall not compare the broth, every shop have their own variations and we should respect that. The 3 of us at home have 3 difference preferences for ramen, and our own favourites.

The meat slices were not dry here though and quite delicious. Glad I had the extra chashu.
The garlic chips are quite potent! After being re-hydrated with the broth, it is the hot kind which I like.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
The noodles are really thin here. Eat it quick before they turn soft and soggy.
You can specify the way you like it, but I just ticked the original Japanese preference on the order chit.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
The eggs does not have runny egg yolks, but were really soft though.
Maybe I will leave out the egg in my next order here.

(My mum told us the other day, you all ah pay so much for these eggs, she said she has perfected it. Looks like we should visit her home and try it!)

Ramen Bar Suzuki
KopiKosongGirl had the JetBlack Tonkotsu Ramen.
She had only the one with extra chashu at $15.20.

Jet black is based on squid ink and roasted garlic. Squid ink is not my favourite ingredient around, but is the wife’s. She liked the broth and also the thin noodles.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
Dipped Ramen with Tonkotsu Soup and Fish Powder (with extra flavoured egg) $15.90.

Sis on the other hand after trying Menya Musashi says she is not having any wet version anymore. She liked my dry version previously, so she said she will order the dry version this time.

The dry version has much thicker noodles and chewy!

Ramen Bar Suzuki
The broth for dipped noodles are usually more salty. In the menu they say they have home-made fish powder in it. I am not sure what it is, but the soup sure tasted really good. The main ingredient is dried scallops and dried bonito. There seems to be hints of citrus, we think it’s probably yuzu or something similar. The soup also had some pickled ‘serng buay’ taste. There were also huge chunks of delicious pork inside. Unlike the thinly sliced charsiu for the two of us, the meat here are around thumb size and very tender.

Each table has a jug of ice cold oolong tea which is so refreshing.
It’s another place where we can come with ramen loving friends. We would probably be back to try other side dishes they have on the menu.

After paying we were given the card that we get a stamp for every bowl of ramen ordered. Every 6 stamps equal to a free bowl of ramen. The lady who served us said, come with 4 friends next time, 1 of you will get to eat free! 

Ramen Bar Suzuki
61 Circular Road
Singapore 049415

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