Classic aperitivi at Osteria Mozza, Marina Bay Sands

This was an invite to experience the classic aperitivi at Osteria Mozza. Some of you know I am not a drinker, but I like to find out more about things. So I accepted the invitation.

What is aperitivo? (singular of aperitivi) It’s an alcoholic drink served before a meal as an appetiser. Oh yes, the Italians have turn their pleasure into a tradition, having a drink and some ‘nibbles’ just before their ‘late’ meals. I remember going to Rome and while everyone’s enjoying their drinks around 6 to 7 pm. Our family, we were so hungry looking for dinner and no one except tourists like us are having dinner!

Osteria Mozza’s Amaro Bar has launched a menu consists of the classic aperitivi as well as refreshing spring/summer cocktails made with fresh seasonal herbs and fruits. We were hosted by Bar Manager Mr Lucas Swallows was with Chef Mario Batali’s companies in LA before heading to Singapore.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
It was very entertaining listening to Mr Swallows talk about his knowledge about drinks and food that goes with it. He talked about how using fresh seasonal ingredients like herbs and fruits makes a difference. Their ingredients are sourced together by Osteria Mozza outlets in US.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
There are also antipasti prepared by the Osteria Mozza kitchen to go with your drinks.
Oh the above was delicious!

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
Mr Swallows preparing a light summer drink for us.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
The Gordon’s Cup ($22)
A cucumber and gin based drink was for a non-drinker like me, quite refreshing because of the cucumber scented Gin used together with Japanese cucumbers, freshly squeezed lime and syrup.

Somehow I particularly liked the cucumbers!

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
I could not help not snapping a photo of this.
We were seated at the bar and these were all in front of us. 😉

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
The Singapore Sling (1913). ($22)

Whenever Mr Swallows mentions “Singapore Sling”, he will add “Nineteen Thirteen” behind it. It sounds quite a mouthful but that’s the name of the drink here, Singapore Sling (1913). He said what they have here is very close to the original recipe, just with an added Italian Twist. This version mixes dry gin, cherry brandy, and Benedictine Dom with bitters, lime and soda.

From my notes that I entered into my phone, I noted the taste as very fruity, a refreshing tartness yet complex. (I forgot what I meant by complex). I remember this version here is not as sweet. If you have tried the many versions of Singapore Sling around, try this and see what you think of it.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
The Singapore Sling (1913) was paired with a toast with aubergine, mozzarella and caramelised nuts.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
Mr Swallows crushing ice manually because he said his usual tools have not arrived in Singapore.
All the citrus they used in their drinks are all hand-crushed.
He was going to prepare the Berry Cobbler.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
The Berry Cobbler ($22)
Made from raspberry, muddled citrus, Brandy, Amaro and crushed ice.
Ahem, very strong for me. It does smell good though.

Osteria Mozza Aperitivi
That’s if you are wondering which Brandy and Amaro was used for the drink.
As I said I am learning and want to find out more, the Rabarbaro Zucca was created in 1845, and was served in the royal court. Ref It’s based on Chinese medicine!

Acque Fresche
If you are not into alcoholic drinks, there’s their “Acque Fresche” menu.
Mocktails or their artisanal sodas made from fresh herbs. All priced at $10.

Birre Alla Bottiglie
My father-in-law will probably be interested in their “Birre Alla Bottiglie” menu.
There was around 7 different Italian and American beers.

The Amaro Bar serves aperitivi during dinner service, which runs daily from 5pm – 11pm.

Osteria Mozza

10 Bayfront Avenue
Level B1, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8522

Amaro Bar hours:
Dinner: 5pm – 11pm (Daily)


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