Cedele @ Wheelock Place

The wife and I were hungry and we thought of a few places to eat a few evenings ago. We were near the Thai Embassy end of Orchard Road. She’s really hungry and could not put up with my deciding of this or that. Thai at Orchard Towers (don’t feel like having spicy), Tonkichi (will be tempted to eat fried food), O Coffee Club (non air con, was a warm evening), Bangkok Jam (spicy food), Ion Orchard restaurants (lazy to cross the road), Antoinette (not in the mood for Paris Garden setting).

She decided Cedele it will be. All right. That will be it. Don’t argue with hungry people. They bite!
We realised Cedele has renovated their Wheelock Place branch. It looks much brighter now, cleaner look too.

The wife gave a ‘I told you I am right’ smirk when we saw they have an opening special board. Pasta Special Set: a soup, a pasta and coffee/tea for $21.80. Sounds like quite a good deal!

Cedele Wheelock Place
We guessed the kitchen was a bit busy, as we waited a while for the food. The wife was too hungry that she decided some carbo from the bread bin will ease the hunger pangs. We have been trying to avoid unnecessary carbo in the evenings.

This sesame crusted bagel tasted exceptionally delicious to the hungry wife. A bite and a smile came to her face, I guessed I must try it too. It’s quite fragrant with all the sesame seeds, but we thought it was a bit tough to bite though. 

Cedele Wheelock Place
The Soup we had was the mushroom soup of the day or something that sounded like that. We did not catch it but we were quite surprised when it came.

Surprise 1: We like the colour and the taste of it. It tastes like potato yet it had hints of pumpkin. A nice fragrance to it too. Yes, it had mushroom pieces hidden below it.

Surprise 2: The small soup is not small. It’s bigger than what most places will serve for full portions!

Cedele Wheelock Place
I had the Shredded Beef Ragu. (Normally, it would have been $18).

I chose linguine for the pasta. Most of us won’t have the patience to prepare beef ragu at home, slow-cooking beef for 3-4 hours though the ingredients are simple. It was a delight to put tender chunks of beef in your mouth.

(I don’t know if they took a long time to cook it, maybe they pressure cooked it, most of us will do it the slow cook way at home right?)

Cedele Wheelock Place
The wife had the Lemongrass and Lime Fish Pasta. (normally $17.90).
It has a limey/sourish refreshing taste to it. It’s a herby dish that she likes. We will experiment something like this at home.

It’s quite a decent portion of sea bass there too. The tomato salsa gave it a nice touch too.

For tea, we could pick any tea except 2 from the menu. We had organic green and red rooibos teas.

We thought this is quite a good deal. Cedele serves decent food and lots of organic variety too. This time we did not have our usual Home-Style Chunky Beef Stew and chicken wings!

We are not sure when the deal will end, we just happen to walk pass it. So I thought I will put this post up quick, so some of you might get to try it too. Give them a call to ask. 😉

Cedele @ Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Tel: +65 6732 8520
Hours: Mon – Sun/Public Holidays: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Web: http://www.cedeledepot.com


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