Smittten by The Patissier

May is a month of many many celebrations in our family. We have had so many slices of cakes for many occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Cakes are something very high in calories and nowadays people if they see the same cake, they would not touch it, by giving many kinds of valid sounding excuses. (My doctor says can’t take sugar, I am on medication, etc)

Sadly, it’s no longer the though that counts. Many in Singapore have been having too good a life. We are sometimes guilty of that too.

We gave our aunt a birthday surprise few days ago. With the help of our cousin, we went to her house and surprised her.

Smittten by The Patissier
This was an interesting cake we bought. It’s a meringue roulade. It’s full of sugar, but since we are going to eat only a slice each, it’s easy to work off the calories 😉

The cake’s from Smitten by The Patissier.We got it from the Takashimaya basement 2 aka the food floor.

Smittten by The Patissier
It’s called the Enchanted Hug. We initially wanted to get something else but was convinced to buy this instead after sampling some of it by the lady at the counter.

The description does sound very yummy right?
 Yes, it’s a bit dear in pricing. 

Smittten by The Patissier
This is how a cut slice of it looks. It has a combination of sweetness plus a little sourness of the passionfruit and tartness of the berries.

Taste like having light fluffy meringue layered with sinful decadent ingredients.

Smittten by The Patissier
Lots of mouths / lips!

Smittten by The Patissier
The kiss again! That’s how the box looks like. Very lady bling!
They provide dry ice in the box that stays cold for about 1 hour according to the lady at the counter.

This post is for those who like us are always on lookout for interesting cakes to buy and try.

Smitten by The Patissier
Takashimaya Food Hall (Basement 2)
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

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