Black Forest Cake by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

It’s the FIL’s birthday and the wife (KopiKosongGirl) was trying very hard to decide what cake shall we get him? Dad’s favourite cake is the Black Forest Cake.

After some intensive online research, (ie reaching blogs and reviews), the wife read a lot of good reviews about the Black Forest Cake by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. She placed an order for it to be picked up at their Takashimaya basement branch.

Laurent Bernard Black Forest Cake

We wanted to surprise them by going to their house after work, but… we forgot their schedule! They were out! Anyway, we finally got to meet them when they got back later.

That’s how the cake looks. Glaced with dark chocolate, it’s a 500gm cake for $45.

Laurent Bernard Black Forest Cake

How it looks inside. Layers of dark chocolate mousse, Kirch cremeux and cherries that had been soaked in Kirch here and there.

It kind of melts really quickly, as in the outside layer of dark chocolate turns very soft. Dad liked it, I think he likes cakes with liquer cherries. (that’s what I think! haha)

KKG and I think it’s more of a chocolate mousse cake with a little liquor rather than a Black Forest Cake. It’s from a chocolate shop after all. I would prefer it to have more cake and maybe lighter instead of being so rich. It’s a bit too rich for me. It’s a nice cake though.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Takashimaya Basement 2
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872

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