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It’s the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year. Both KopiKosongGirl and I took leave to have lunch with both sets of parents. We are very grateful that since we got married, both sets of parents have been getting along well. Both sides are so ‘ke qi’ / superly polite as we the ‘middle men’ have been bringing new year goodies between the two sides.

We are also ‘learning’ the rules of politeness or rules of being sort of “respectful / not be greedy / modest” all lumped into one. Giving oranges, taking only part of it, and giving back the rest. Sometimes we don’t even know the customs, so both sides are teaching us.

So on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, the arrangement was made, we will have lunch at Crystal Jade, Holland Village. It’s the nearest Crystal Jade to where both sets of parents are. Just in case it’s not opened, we called the restaurant. The lady who picked up said, yes, you are talking to me now! Come quickly, it’s going to be really packed today!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
Can’t resist now having Yu Sheng!
We noticed that their version here is a little different, they have fried yam strips!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
After the nice and auspicious words were proclaimed, we are ready to toss!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
Woo hoo! The cleanest surface so far! Everyone’s so so polite, doing it so slowly.
Both sides calling each other ‘chin kei’. A bit can’t get used to it!

We kind of like Crystal Jade’s version of Yu Sheng. The yam strips were quite tasty, giving a bit of crunch to it!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
We were having a Dim Sum lunch. Both sets of dads like fried rice, but I changed it to noodles. Don’t really fancy eating fried rice though it’s nice. Noodles probably have a nicer meaning too!

Noodles – may we with God’s blessing have a long healthy life!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
We had double sets of everything, not because we want double blessings or meaning, it’s because each serving only serves portions for 3 persons!

The fried tofu skin with shrimp stuffing. The chef must be really happy after resting two days. That day’s version was really nice! Crispy on the outside and inside it’s moist, not oily.

Prawns – may we all have a ‘ha ha’ (prawns in Cantonese) happy year ahead! Wishing all joy in the Lord!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
My favourite, the phoenix claws, the nice name for braised chicken feet.

Phoenix – may we have good fortune and opportunities according to His will.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
Cha Siu Buns, love these buns too.
Eat it hot while it’s still soft and fluffy. I know it’s carbo, but carbo always taste so nice doesn’t it?

Buns – May we through the grace of God have a-BUN-dance in all we do and play!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
Steamed Pork Ribs. My favourite too. So tender and flavourful.
It’s easy to prepare this at home too!

Pork – Signifies strength and wealth. May the Lord bestow it to us if He finds us faithful.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
Siew Mai. Someone just has to order it when we have Dim Sum.
I am sure if you go out for Dim Sum, someone will want them.

Siew Mai, looking like little golden ingots. Wishing all you readers a healthy year ahead! May prosperity and blessings rain on you like our current monsoon rain. May graciousness, kindness and love flood and overflow all relationships.

Have a Blessed Year ahead!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
2 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277671

Tel: 6469 0300
Hours: Mon – Thurs: 7am – 3am, Fri – Sun, PH: 7am – 4am

Crystal Jade Kitchen

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