Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

Recently, KopiKosongGirl and I have been revisiting places we have not gone for a long time. We both used to have the Feed at Raffles card, but now since we are one, we only need one! (sounds cheesy eh?)

We used to come here often before we got married. We suddenly thought of this place, so we are back!

The deco seems to have changed, this place has become more “wooden contemporary”, if there’s such a term. No more white table cloth, it’s now unvarnished table. Near the entrance there’s also an antipasti bar. We remember when the restaurant used to be packed, we sat there at the counter.

Oh the menu seems to have shrunk too! Just a single sheet now. Simple.

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

The previous big round bread they had with the tomato-ish dip is gone too!
They now served this bagel like herb bread that’s a nice replacement too. The bread’s no longer warm like it was previously, but it was addictive though. It’s probably the salty crust that makes you want to eat all of it up.

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

I think the bread’s good on its own, but if you like, you can spread this aubergine like pesto with cream cheese on it.

It reminded us of the breakfast youghurt jars at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong!

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

We ordered 2 antipasti from the antipasti bar near the entrance. They are $4 each.

We saw these mushroom and could not resist them. If you like mushroom, try this. Cold, garlic taste, almost like pickled mushrooms.

KopiKosongGirl can eat a whole lot of this, I think because it’s cold, I stopped at 3. Though I like it, the brain tells me to stop. Do you have that kind of feeling sometimes?

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

We also had the seafood salad. This was even nicer than the mushrooms. It’s oily, but does not give you a ‘jelak’ feel to it. It’s probably because of the citrus juice in it. It’s cold too. The prawns were crunchy too.

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

I had the pizza. This is the Prego. ($35)
The toppings are Prosciutto di Parma, Buffalo Mozzarella, Arugula and Tomato Sauce.

Creature of habit, I am still ordering the same thing. Still loving it.

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

KopiKosongGirl had the Beef Lasagna. $35.
She said it’s one of the best lasagna she had for a long time. I kind of agree with her.

Doesn’t lasagna remind you of an Italian ‘gao teng kuay’. Layer after layer of pasta sheets, meat and tomato paste. No, we did not peel each layer to eat. I want to try out the best way to make the tomato paste. Should start researching about them 😉

It was a nice dinner. Still glad we kept a Feed for Raffles privileges, there’s 50% off the bill.

There was a nice surprise too. Halfway through dinner, the next table next to us was a friend that we have not met for a long time. He left Singapore to study at the Royal College of Music and is now back! He is a composer, and if you probably have heard his compositions on film without knowing it! If you want to listen to his sample music, visit

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