Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Have you attended a Tupperware Party? I recently received an invite to attend a Tupperware Party and the host was Chef Wan! Yes, the hilarious and very animated Chef Wan from Malaysia!

I told my mum about it and she got very excited than me! There must be something about women and their Tupperware! It’s been some time since she attended a Tupperware party. She probably doesn’t need to as she is already a Tupperware convert with a whole collection of Tupperware at home! I also remember having Tupperware toys too when I was young! (Yes, they had toys long ago!)

Mum rattled on and on about how you will play games because if you participate they give you a Tupperware, and many other interesting things. It did sounded very fun so I accepted the party invite! I was secretly very excited to meet Chef Wan! It was such an enjoyable party, all of us that were there laughed the whole afternoon away.

Do you know that Chef Wan has produced more cooking show episodes than anyone else in the world? Yes, more than the usual famous ones from US and UK.

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Introducing Chef Wan. He started introducing himself and he got us totally engaged in what he was saying within minutes! He just has this ability to engage the audience! Did you know his mother is a Nyonya from Singapore?

Did you also know that when he was young, he was already very entrepreneurial.  He helped his mother sell Tupperwares! His mother organises Tupperware parties and he will help out. It was hilarious the stories he told us about the parties. How some people just come to makan the kueh kueh and not buy the Tupperwares and the things they do to get freebies. He even sold Tupperware to his classmates and even teachers!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Thanks to this lady and the PR Team from The Right Spin, I got the invite to attend this Tupperware Party. She is Ms Christine Wong from Tupperware Brands.

Christine started the Tupperware party by asking question and having mini game, the modern Tupperware Party style. A slight variation to what mum told me how it will be like. They move on with the times!

Like the usual party, she introduced the different Tupperware range and products. She explained how each product will be useful in our homes and the lifetime guarantee of Tupperware products, I wanted to buy more of their products!

Their product range is so interesting! Remember the Tupperware Ta-Pow Set I blogged about previously? They have other more interesting Tupperware that even I got so intrigue by it! I did not know that they also have TupperChef, NatureCare, TupperClean etc!  Oh yes, Tupperware even sent their Tupperware to Space for testing!

After all the games and fun, it was the Cooking Demo time.
Chef Wan prepared a 3 course meal for all of us. Using Tupperware products!

Morrocan Chicken Tajine with Prunes and Olives.

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan is cooking here using the TupperChef range. You can see the wok he is using. It comes with a high cover too. It has a thick 3-ply base and it’s made of 18/10 stainless steel body. If you are curious just like me, it’s a 38 cm wok.

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

It has quite a nice design don’t you think? My wok at home is a bit small and this 38 cm version looks tempting!

I always enjoy attending cooking demos by chefs as they always introduce something that I don’t know. As it’s a Moroccan dish, chef uses Ras el Hanout spices to marinate the chicken. The chicken tajine tasted so good! Tajine is a dish from North Africa and it’s usually cooked in earthen vessels that has a high top. I guess the this wok with a high top does an equally good job too!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan getting Maryann from the audience to help him cook! Told you Chef Wan’s very engaging!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

The dish as it was presented to us to be eaten. The chicken was so tender, the sauce that has been simmered for quite a while was so delicious. The kalamata olives that has been simmered gave the dish a nice aroma and prunes in it gave it a sweet taste. There was just a few ingredients and it turn out so nice!

Arroz a la Cazuela
(Spanish Style Seafood Risotto)

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan told us, he was traveling in Spain trying out their food and discovered this version that he loved so much. He tasted the same dish from the same restaurant and discovered two chefs on different shifts prepared the same dish with similar ingredients yet it tasted different. He just had to find out why! It’s got to do with how the tomatoes are prepared!

This dish might look simple but it is really tedious to cook! He prepared the stock needed for this dish much earlier. The stock has to be good for this dish to be nice. When he was simmering the rice, he slowly poured in 2 or 3 scoops at a time every few minutes so that the consistency is always thick! Don’t ask me why, but the end product was superb!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan showing off the Tupperware products and cracking jokes at the same time.

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan bringing his dish around in the TupperChef Fryer. It’s a 24 cm pan and comes with a glass cover. The ladle with the orange bit is a Tupperware product too!

His jovial self engaging the audience and tempting us with the smell of risotto!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

This is the Arroz a la Cazuela that gave him a homely feeling and tasted so good when he was in Spain. It has a porridge like texture to it. Oh, the flavour of this dish was simply amazing!

If you have been to cooking demos, there’s always a version that’s prepared by the kitchen staff and the chef will cook a version in front of us. We were served the kitchen version first. Chef Wan said, I have so painstakingly prepared these food for almost 45 minutes, the audience should try this version too. Oh wow, same ingredients with the touch of a different chef had so much difference! We all commented Chef Wan’s version is like 10 times better! The taste was so much more robust and the texture of the rice was nicer too!

Hot Spiced Apple Cake with Butterscotch Dressing

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Chef Wan also prepared a dessert for us. This was the mixture ready to be baked.

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

When he was preparing the Butterscotch sauce, the cooking studio was filled with such a nice aroma, it made me salivate! Chef knows the smell will tempt everyone and he is smiling!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Just look at this! The butterscotch sauce made from brown sugar, butter, cream and pecans.  Caramelized brown sugar and pecans when it is mixed with hot cream and cold butter just changes everything!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Just look at him! A successful cake makes him a very happy man!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

Hot Spiced Apple Cake with Butterscotch Dressing.
This was the ‘presentation’ version. We devoured the rest of the cake on the chef’s table after that!

Tupperware Party with Chef Wan

If you have recently moved house and probably need a ‘starter kit’ for your kitchen. Many mums also present their daughters or sons a set of pots and pans. This looks like a good set to give away!

Tupperware has specially packaged this set for sale. It has the TupperChef Fryer that’s made of 18/10 stainless steel body with a base that rapidly and evenly distribute heat, which also comes with a glass lid. There’s also a Turbo Choppper that by pulling the cord chops ingredients like garlic or onions 288 times in 15 seconds! A bottle of stainless steel and copper cleaner to keep your pots and pans shiny! A mutipurpose shears that is needed in every kitchen, from cutting veggies to removing poultry bones, and also acts as a cap opener! A set of Serving Spatula and Serving Spoon that is heat resistant till 220 degrees Celsius.

If you want to find out more about Tupperware, you can visit: www.tupperware.com.sg

There are also a Tupperware Brands Business Centre near you. Call these numbers if you want to find out more about Tupperware.  Bedok 9823 7122  | Bukit Batok 9368 5252 | City, Maxwell Road 9842 0690 | Jurong East 9617 2683 | Tampines 6789 8133 | Toa Payoh 9633 5008 | Woodlands 9271 1406 | Yishun 9781 6521

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  • tupperware party…that's so retro, but cool at the same time. I wanna join. Dammit.

    As much as I hate to admit it, Chef Wan is really infectiously bubbly and entertaining. The fler can talk and talk and talk; and all we can do is laugh and laugh and laugh.

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