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This is my 2nd time to Todai since it opened. My first time was during the first few weeks that they  opened. This time round, I tagged along thanks to the folks from HungryGoWhere.Com

Todai says on its website, it’s an international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant. In my two trips there, I think of it more as a Korean Buffet plus International Seafood restaurant.

The first time I was here, I ate probably half of the things served here. This time round, I tried more with some overlap. Meaning I might come back in a few months time to try other things.

I don’t think it’s wise to try every single thing. By the time you eat them all, you would be too full and be too full to appreciate what you have eaten. I noticed that there’s a Korea Promotion on and decided that I shall try those special food plus a few ‘must try’ things here.

They call themselves a sushi buffet restaurant so expect to lots of it. They do have a huge variety of sushi on the buffet tables! You know sushi is mostly rice, it makes you really full. So I was quite selective. I picked those that stood out and also those with Korea Festival on it.

Todai Singapore

The above I think was the White Dragon Roll. I was tempted by the mushroom on top.
It had my favourite ingredient and I went back for thirds!

Todai Singapore

If you are a Kimchi fan, this Kimchi Sushi roll is a must try!
Wrapped in kimchi cabbage leaves and also some kimchi on top of it! I like kimchi and find their kimchi not too fermented, so it’s to my liking. I had 3 of this!

Todai Singapore

If you watch Korean soaps, they always talk about Korean Beef. (牛)
These are marinated BBQ Korean Short Ribs! Verified it with the Manager that these are all imported from Korea!

The taste, you can’t get enough of it! Probably because of the marinate and also the slight char smell. It’s not sinewy and cuts easily with the fork and knife.

The get wiped out by fellow diners quite quickly though. So when you see them, take a few pieces to try.

Todai Singapore

This is another thing that you must try. Deep fried Ginseng!
If you hate the smell of Ginseng, then skip it. I am OK with it.

Fried Ginseng does taste better than small ginseng pieces that mum forces us to suck like sweets when I was a kid studying for exams! It’s just skinny pieces of ginseng roots with tempura batter. Not the super potent kind.

Todai Singapore

Tuesdays and Thursday are Oyster Nights. (We went on  Tuesday night).
I am not an fresh oyster fan and I ate it just because it’s expensive. I ate one and passed the next one to my wife!

Todai Singapore

I like the Alaskan Crabs though. It’s lots of work trying to cut the thing out. I think these are easier to cut than the usual Sri Lankan varieties we have with chilli or pepper crabs.

It’s therapeutic sometimes to slowly cut and snip the crab up! I think I do quite a good job didn’t I?

By the way, I was told, that Todai Singapore might be ending their Alaskan Crab on the menu quite soon. Todai in other countries like Korea and US are already removing it from their menu. Prices of Alaskan crabs are getting too high to be viable to serve them as buffet now.

(you can check the prices yourself for example in Fairprice Finest, it’s getting very expensive!)

Todai Singapore

Something from their Korean Cooked Food section.
I was told they were Korean Beef, so I took 2 pieces. Yummy!

Todai Singapore

Chilli crabs and fried mantou.
It’s deliciously, but not really spectacular. Go to your favourite chilli crab stall.

Todai Singapore

They have a churrasco section too. I like the pineapple and the fattier portions of pork.

They are kind of lightly salted, so you might need sauces. This might sound weird, but the kimchi station has nice pickles to go with these brazilian styles of meat!

(Note: the beef in this section is from US and not the Korean beef.)

Todai Singapore

There are the usual fresh sashimi station as well.

Todai Singapore

More cold seafood, do you find that the smaller the shell fish, the sweeter it taste?
The common stuff that you get in many other buffets around.

Todai Singapore

These are some Korean Rice cake snacks in conjunction with the Korea Festival.
Some are nicer than the rest and probably an acquired taste to some people. The texture is chewy!

For desserts, I had some cakes. What I liked was the self service sundae machine!
I can’t resist ice cream!

Todai Singapore

Check out the promotion that they are running now.

Todai Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972

Tel: +65 6688 7771

Scan QR Code for
Address Details.

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