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Oh how time flies! Way back in 2007, the Singapore Writers Festival had a segment in their program for bloggers. Cheryl from and I were on a panel discussion moderated by ChubbyHubby. We were talking about Food Blogging. It was interesting that food bloggers were invited to the Writers Festival. Were you there in the audience?

This year, the Singapore Writers Festival will be running from 22-30 October. The theme for this year is “Transaction”. It will feature over 120 writers in a wide range of activities and events.

Singapore Writers Festival - Literary Meals

With so many programmes, one particular programme might be interesting to you all.
It’s called Literary Meals.

This is an unique opportunity to get up close and personal with your favourite authors and share ideas over a meal at The Arts House. The authors participating range from Vikas Swarup (author of Q&A, which was adapted to become award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire!) to philosopher Julian Baggini, distinguished English poet Sir Andrew Motion, respected contemporary Chinese author Yang Lian, and finally Cheryl Tan, Singaporean author who penned the well-reviewed food memoir, A Tiger in the Kitchen, and who’s returning from the US for this event.

The event is payable programme.
If you are interested, tickets are available from

In collaboration with The Arts House

Lit-YangLian Literary Meals: Eat Your Words with Yang Lian  
Sat 22 Oct | 7.30pm – 9pm | Viet Lang, The Arts House | $60 (inc. dinner)  

Described as one of the most representative voices of Chinese literature, Yang Lian is known as a writer who stretches poetic language to its linguistic extreme and for the sensuous strength and intellectual clarity of his words. Over dinner, discover more of this author and poet – his views on exile and contemporary Chinese culture, and how he bridges Chinese traditions to western modernism.

Lit-AndrewMotion Literary Meals: Eat Your Words with Andrew Motion 
Sun 23 Oct | 1pm – 2.30pm | Viet Lang, The Arts House | $60 (inc. lunch)  

Join distinguished poet and writer, Andrew Motion for an afternoon of delightful poetry, interesting anecdotes and insightful conversation. Over a leisurely lunch, find out more about being a poet laureate and balancing commissions from the British Royal family and drawing inspiration from the ordinary life.

Lit-JulianBaggini Literary Meals: Eat Your Words with Julian Baggini
Sun 23 Oct | 7.30pm – 9pm | Viet Lang, The Arts House | $60 (inc. dinner)  

Over hors d’oeuvres, meet British philosopher Julian Baggini, and see why one reviewer called him a “guardian of good sense.” From making an intellectual case for atheism to relooking at the age-old conundrum of the self, how does he condense complex ideas and communicate them? Come stretch your mind while enjoying a delectable dinner.

Lit-CherylTanCreditJohnSearles Literary Meals: Eat Your Words with Cheryl Tan  
Tue 25 Oct | 7.30pm – 9pm | Restaurant 1827, The Arts House | $60 (inc. dinner) 

The charming Cheryl Tan, whose first book was the well-reviewed food memoir A Tiger in the Kitchen, will delight you with tales about growing up in a Teochew household and her culinary and publishing adventures. What is the special connection between learning age-old recipes and our cultural identities? Not to be missed by food and book lovers! 

Lit-VikasSwarup Literary Meals: Eat Your Words with Vikas Swarup  
Sat 29 Oct | 12 noon – 1.30pm | Restaurant 1827, The Arts House | $60 (incl. lunch)  

Spend the afternoon with Vikas Swarup, best known for his novel Q&A which became the basis for the global movie hit Slumdog Millionaire. Find out more about his second novel Six Suspects which has been optioned for a film and how living in Osaka, Japan informs and inspires his writing. 

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