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Baba-licious Food Extravaganza (25 Nov to 4 Dec)

The daily afternoon wet weather often gives one a craving for hot and spicy food, as that will certainly warm up one’s tummy. Baba-licious Food Extravaganza at Orchid Country Club, Vanda Terrance may just be your answer!


Indulge yourselves into this authentic and traditional food journey as you savour the richness, aromatic and spicy Peranakan flavours especially prepared and cooked for you by renowned Peranakan Chef Philip Chia. He will prepare 42 traditional Peranakan dishes including his signature Ayam Buah Kuluak, Bakwan Kepiting, Nyonya Egg & Prawn Salad, Udang Goreng Chilli Garam, Nyonya Chap Chye and Babi Pontay. Not forgetting amidst the delicious food, you will be feasting with the beautiful view of the club’s golf course.


At the media tasting session, Chef Philip personally prepared and cooked a Nasi Lemak Set for us to savour the varieties of the Peranakan spicy flavours. Clockwise on the plate, we have Nasi Lemak rice, Sambal Kang Kong, Sambal Udang, Pong Tauhu Goreng, Nyonya Egg & Prawn Salad, Otah, Small Ikan Kuning Goreng Kuniyit, Fried Ikan Bilis, Telor Dadar.


Highlights goes to the Nyonya Egg & Prawn Salad which is a long-forgotten recipe focusing on the dressing that gives it a tangy kick; Pong Tauhu Goreng, which originally is made to be served in soups. With Chef Philip’s creativity, this was fried and topped with the familiar Tauhu Goreng sauce. Each item has a different variety of spicy flavour to the taste and one will never have too much of each. I especially like the Otah, which had chunks of fish and it blended well with the spices in the Otah.

We were also spoiled with Chef’s signature dish of Ayam Buah Keluak, which is Stewed Chicken in Black Nut. Having a grandmother and a dad who are Perankans, I can conclude that this is truly authentic and made with lots of care through the complicated preparation.


A Peranakan meal is never complete without a serving of Nyonya Kueh Kueh. The Kueh Kueh at this buffet are especially made by a Peranakan. I am never a big fan of Kuehs but this plate of Kuehs certainly gained my thumbs up! It was but too sweet and yet the flavour of each Kueh was tasted. Clockwise from the top, we have green: Kueh Sarlat, Yellow: Bengka Ubi, Red: Kueh Lapis (steam) and Brown: Kueh Koswee.


We also got to try Durian Pengat (which is not my favourite). However, I must specially mention this dessert as it brings out the creativity of Chef Philip. Its a 3-in-1 dessert combining durian pengat, Bubur Cha Cha and Nyonya Green Bean soup with Sago. The texture of the sweet potato and yam, together with the soga topped over durian Pengat, its certainly will be a favourite of durian lovers. This gave a wonderful end to lunch.


Other desserts at the buffet will include: Chendol, Pulot Hitam, Agar-Agar Santn and Bubor Cha Cha.

Aside from the delicious/baba-licious food, you can also soaked yourself in the Peranakan atmosphere with the following:

  • Bead Work Demo (Mon-Thurs at 730pm)
  • Live Music Performance ( Fri-Sun Dinner)
  • Interactive Cooking Demonstration by Chef Philip (Tues and Thurs at 730pm)
  • Bazaar stalls selling Nyonya cookies, cookbooks and traditional costumes.

Chef Philip Chan will also launching his cookbook and he can autograph his books for you!

Thank you Chef Philip Chia and Jennifer from Foodfare for hosting us.
Baba-licious Food Extravaganza

Vanda Terrance

Orchid Country Club

1 Orchid Club Road

Singapore 769162
Reservations, please call: 6750 2200

Weekday Lunch and Dinner Buffet

$28 ++ (Adult)

$18 ++(Child below 12 years)

Weekend Lunch and Dinner Buffet

$32 ++ (Adult)

$22 ++ (Child below 12 years)
Open to public. Orchid Country Club members enjoy 10% discount and waiver of service charge. NTUC Union Members enjoy 10% off price.

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