1 Caramel Dessert Boutique @ 1 Rochester Park

This was an interesting visit to an eatery!

The address says Level 2, 1 Rochester Park. It’s located at one of the conserved ‘black and white houses’ or colonial building that some prefer to call it.

For your first time there, you might probably be like me, walk around the building trying to figure how to get to the 2nd level. You won’t find any and soon realize that there’s a staircase in the middle of the 1st floor restaurant called One Rochester. You would gingerly walk right in and see if that’s the right place. It looks about right and walk upstairs.

When you are on the upper floor, you are further confused! You see a glass door and it says ‘kitchen’. There’s no entrance or any other doors that seems to lead you to 1 Caramel.

One Caramel

You get curious and sort of frustrated and decide to peep in the kitchen, and it’s really a kitchen!

You see the fridges like the one above and below. Beautiful cakes, tempting delights, a place that negates all your work out! How do I get in? Should I just walk into the kitchen?

One Caramel

Just push the glass door that says ‘kitchen’ and walk in! It’s the only entrance in!
They operate a truly open kitchen concept! You see how the food’s being prepared! Walk in and beside these fridges is another glass door that leads you to the balcony of this black and white house! That’s where the seating area is.

It’s a very nice and cosy place whether day or night! Trees slightly covering your view of the Ministry of Education building opposite. It’s like a nice hideaway and it’s air-conditioned too!

I walked in the ‘kitchen’ and saw Yuen and Fen from SgDessert! Always a comfort to see some familiar faces. They told me to walk towards the glass door to the balcony and that was where I was greeted by two lovely ladies from the 1 Rochester PR Team. Nice folks and I was asked if I wanted any drinks.

It was after work and a day before my birthday. I look at the menu (which is available online with prices listed too) the Specialty Tea range. They have a tea called Happy Birthday Tea! It’s as if the menu was printed for me! I ordered it! A mild black tea which with red berries and hint of vanilla. Perfect!

All day breakfast!

One Caramel

It was dinner time at nearly 7pm, but I am having Brunch!

This was the Traditional Eggs Benedict. Very delicious poached eggs on toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce. This version I had included the Smoked Salmon.

Note: It’s one place that you can come for ALL DAY BRUNCH! Brunch hours are from 11:30 am till 10:30 pm on weekdays and 11:30 till 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

One Caramel

I like how they prepared the potatoes that was part of the egg. It was soft inside and there’s a slight crispy feel to it.

One Caramel

This photo is to tempt you! If you like runny egg yolks, drool!
The fish roe was a nice touch! Love it when it pops in your mouth while you have the egg, salmon and muffin.

The Posh Platter

One Caramel

If you are here with your date or friends, try the platters.They have a few, refer to the menu.

This was the Posh Platter, which has smoked salmon tart with creme fraiche and ocean trout caviar, asparagus wrapped in basil and proscuitto, truffled brie and cherry tomatoes on a toasted brioche.

One Caramel

It was all beautifully plated and each piece seemed so delicately crafted. They all tasted very delicate and had unique flavors. The asparagus wrapped in basil and prosciutto was probably the one I liked the most.


One Caramel

Love souffles? The few of us were tempted by them!

Souffles are meant to be eaten straight away! See what happens when food bloggers take more than the required time to take photos! The ice cream melts and the souffles flattens!

One Caramel

There have very unique flavors here. They have:
– Hazelnut souffle with chocolate ice cream
– Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream
– Miso souffle with yuzu ice cream
– Vanilla souffle with strawberry ice cream
– Passionfruit souffle with banana-passion sorbet

One Caramel

We tried 3 different ones and the Miso souffle was something really different and hey, it’s worth a try if you are adventurous! Very Japanese influence in it. The yuzu ice cream was just so ideal!

A nice shot at last. This last souffle arrived in front of me and I got to take first shot of it! Look how tall and handsome it is!


One Caramel

With a name like 1 Caramel, you know this place is a definite Desserts Heaven!

If you are alone, take a pick by looking at the menu or simply walking to the fridge and pick the one that calls out to you.

If you are here as a group, order the 1 Caramel Assiette to share! Probably the best way to try out everything! You get to choose from the menu 3, 4 or 5 desserts of your pick!

One Caramel

Presenting the 1 Caramel Baked Alaska!
Just oogle at this gorgeous little thing! A work of art don’t you think?

The menu describes it as: “Combination of homemade chunky strawberry and vanilla Madagascar ice cream coated with rhum Italian meringue on top of a nutty chocolate brownie.”

Are you tempted? It’s for the sweet tooth!

One Caramel

Death by Chocolate.
We did not die, but this valrhona sofiato molten cake with dark chocolate sorbet was really fabulous. I especially liked the dark chocolate sorbet! That was something I could not resist. I finished it all off after 2 other diners sharing with me said they had enough!

One Caramel

The name’s already a mouthful and it describes it all!
Raspberry lychee rose pannacotta, lychee-lemon compote.

It’s something of a contrast to the other desserts. It’s to me a very feminine dessert. Rose scented pudding, lychee. Ladies, tell me what you think after trying it.

In my mind, I thought of Crabtree and Evelyn or Laura Ashley! haha…

One Caramel

Tropical Vodka Trifle.
It’s Pineapple gazpacho jelly, pineapple sponge cubes with crystallized baked almonds topped with coconut sorbet.

One Caramel

Earl Grey creme brulee
An unique creme brulee. Earl Grey infused custard dessert.
Earl or Lady Grey to me is an acquired taste. Either you like it or not. Probably my youngest sis kind of dessert, she’s an Earl/Lady Grey tea person. I am sure if she’s here, she would have enjoyed this.

To some of you, you remember this place as the cool dessert place at Handy Road. That was sometime back. They are now at Rochester area. I was told it is like a home coming as they started off here! They are located just minutes away from the Buona Vista MRT.

They also have customized cakes that you see on the first photo. Check out their website at http://www.1-caramel.com for more details.

I realized that the organization I work with is part of their Corporate Boast Program. That means when I show my staff pass, I get 10% off. A few organization around this area like the Biopolis are part of the program. If you work for A*Star or NUS, just present your staff pass for the discount! Ask your HR if your company is part of it.

1-Caramel Dessert Boutique
1 Rochester Park,
Level 2,
Singapore 139212

Tel: +65 67741302
For cake collection: 11.30am -9.00pm
For dine in: Mon-Fri:1130am โ€“ 1030pm / Sat & Sun:10am -1030pm (Brunch is available till 4pm)

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