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Woorinara Korean Restaurant @ Lorong Kilat / Upper Bukit Timah

Last week, we were at home, deciding what to have for dinner. The ladies at home were left to decide. There were so many choices and the ladies finally decided on Korean and then narrow it down to Korean Fried Chicken.

We did not want to travel too far because we were already quite hungry! So off we went to Woorinara because we like the crispy fried chicken here. That place is also usually not very busy.


They don’t have the best selection and varieties in the banchans. It’s still decent and edible.
Simple stuff. We ate it all up anyway. Kimchi’s nice though.


The Fried Chicken! Crispy and crunchy skin fried chicken always delight us!
It was good that the pieces we ate were also moist. 

We had Honey Soy this time. The sauce is kinda addictive! Sweetish and saltish thick sauce that was dribbled over the chicken.

We controlled ourselves by not ordering the whole chicken. Half a fried chicken for 3 persons already have enough calories! Not having too much also prevents us from getting sick of it. 🙂


We wanted to have something else as well, so we had the hot plate spicy pork.

Yes, it’s very oily but because of the oil, the meat was sizzlingly delicious! The ladies were comparing it to another Korean place that uses very little oil and use water to cook them. This is more fragrant but oily!

We also ordered a beef bibimbap (photo was too blur) and ate it with the pork.
It was a satisfying, oily and calorie ladden dinner!

Usually this place is not busy, but because of the group by coupon offer this place is having, we realised this place is suddenly so busy! So we had to wait longer than usual for our food.

Woori-Nara Korean Restaurant
19 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598120

Tel: 6464 9282

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