Thai Village Restaurant @ Leisure Park Kallang

We were at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for an event and after the event was over, we were all famished and needed some food. Like any event held there, it was a mad rush out. There were probably over 10 thousand people rushing out of the stadium, and half would probably eat nearby.

We headed to Leisure Park Kallang, next to the stadium and saw that Thai Village had empty seats. We asked for a table and quickly got ourselves seated. We knew we had to quickly place our order before everyone else did. If not, it will be a super long wait!

Thai Village Restaurant

While waiting for our food, we were chatting and tried this green chilli concoction on the table!
It was super spicy!! But it was rather addictive at the same time.

Thai Village Restaurant

We ordered the Braised Fish Maw ($27). The dish was in a claypot and it came with a golden bottom container which looked rather posh.

Anyway, the fish maw (nice and soft/tender), sea cucumber (soft and yet still has a crunch), mushroom and scallops were quite good. It went well with the rice. If you don’t restrain yourself, you would probably finished up your whole bowl of rice with the first dish.

Thai Village Restaurant

The next dish we had was something not many places serve. Braised Duck Web ($20).
It looked a bit similar to the previous dish! But the sauce tasted different and the ingredients were definitely different.

Duck webs. Our seniors (parents, uncle and aunty) on the table loved it. The juniors like us also loved it. Braised till it was really soft, yet still retained the shape of a feet. But as you put it in your mouth, you kind of suck the skin out and all that was left was bones. I find joy in eating stuff like that!

But comparing duck and chicken feet, I think I prefer chicken though. Think chicken skin has a nicer texture. The seniors think duck webs are nicer than chicken though!

Thai Village Restaurant

We had a venison stir fry as well. ($30). This dish was very popular with our table when it was served.

The way it was prepared, it reminded us of pork liver stir fry! The whole family loves pork liver except me, but I like the deer meat done this way. Quite tender and flavourful. You will keep picking up piece after piece with your chopsticks!

Thai Village Restaurant

The Spinach and egg soup. ($18).
Decently done, not super special for this dish that’s served almost everywhere 😉

Thai Village Restaurant

After the vegetable dish, we were all quite full, probably because the first two dishes were starchy.
Yet as the last dish came, we walloped it as well.  It’s called Baked Chicken Drumsticks ($24).

From the photo, it probably does not look very appetizing, but it did taste very good. It was salted baked chicken which I think was a recommended dish on the menu. Chicken was tender and I particularly like the sauce. Had that to eat up the last two mouths of rice in my bowl. 😉

Food’s here quite decent, but a little pricy. Total bill was $160.65. Service we experienced that day was good despite a mad rush of people. They are probably used to it. We did not order their sharkfin that they are famous for. No sharksfin for us unnecessarily. (We had a teenager with us who is in the save the sharks movement too. haha) Momo and I would want to return to try the crab beehoon though one day.

Thai Village Restaurant
5 Stadium Walk
#01-50, Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693

Tel: 6440 2292

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