Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant @ West Coast CC

Colleagues and I just discovered that Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant has a 3rd branch.

We used to visit the Lorong Kilat / Bukit Timah branch. Recently, we heard they have opened a branch at Sunset Way but we have not tried it yet. Few days ago, we saw this new branch when we went to West Coast Plaza to have lunch.

Our lunch plan changed when we saw the new branch. Images of banchans filled our disillusioned minds. We walked over from West Coast Plaza to the Community Centre!

Kim's Family Korean Restaurant @ West Coast CC

This branch looks really nice from the outside! There’s an outdoor area that should be nice in the evenings. Look, evergreen fake grass too!


The reason we suddenly decided to eat there. Their selection and varieties of banchans!
We liked most of it. They were tasty and nice, but I think we keep thinking about it that we expect more (that we were served)!


Two colleagues had the Ramen at $10 each.
Comment from the two colleagues that ate it was there are lots of seafood inside, but the “lalas” are quite small.


Another colleague had the Jajangmyun $15.
She seemed to like it. She loves all things Korean. (All our colleagues know that hehe)

Jajang Bap

I also had almost the same thing. I had Jajang Bap. $15.
I felt like eating rice so I had the rice option. It was served with a fried egg.

I have always wondered why the Korean actors and actresses always slurp it like it’s the world’s best food. It’s black and gooey and does not look appetising at all. LOL

But I ate it all because it becomes more tasty as you eat it! There was bits of meat (the 3 layered fatty pork version), potatoes cubes, lots of onions (which I like) and all cooked in bean sauce.

Oysters Soup

Old cat, our colleague ordered the Oysters Soup. $17.
Pricey for a soup (and a bowl of rice) but there was lots of small pieces of oysters in it. Yes, small ones, but there was quite a lot of it. Soup was tasty too.
(We all could not help not dipping our spoons in his soup!)


A little pricey we know.
The place seems to be very quite too. There was only 2 tables eating.
I also just found out they have been around here for a few weeks.

Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant
2 Clementi West Street 2
(West Coast Community Centre)
Singapore 129605

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