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Just for fun – Cooking Curry Day Singapore

Just for the fun of it, we had curry tonight for dinner.

We don’t really care about how ‘the incident’ about how it came about after we found out that it happened more than 6 or 7 years ago! Cheh!

We are just curry lovers!

Curry Chicken

The Sakura Chicken Curry.

I used a curry ready to cook wet premix instead of making it from scratch. But added extra ingredients to make it better. (chinese celery roots, 1 tomato, curry leaves and 1 onion.) I used Sakura chicken because it has less fat to remove when you cut it up. It also taste nicer.

I added only half the amount of coconut milk that’s required and substituted it with milk.

Vegetable Curry

Curry Vegetables

The wife made curry vegetables. She also used a ready to cook wet premix. Added brinjals, long beans, okra (lady’s fingers), tomato, cabbage, curry leaves. We forgot to put in carrots! Realised it only half way.

Portioned it into two portions. We cooked like 1 kg of vegetables! The second portion will be for tomorrow!

Seafood Green Curry

Halibut Green Curry with mushroom

Aunt cooked halibut green curry and brought it over in a thermal pot. Two families cooking and bringing food together is more fun and there’s more variety. Aunt cooked it from a green curry paste that her friend brought back from Thailand.

We had it with hot steaming rice and a baguette from Delifrance (from the petrol station down the road).
We finished off with cupcakes, tea and ice cream for dessert.

Happy Curry Day!

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