Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square: Garuda Padang Cuisine

This post is part of the Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square organised by Omy.Sg that quite a few bloggers and I indulged in a food marathon on 9 July 2011.

You can read more about Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square at  Visit the site too if you want to win youself a $50 voucher.

Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square Stop 3: 
Garuda Padang Cuisine

Garuda Padang Cuisine

I have never stepped into Garuda Padang Cuisine!

I usually go to the Padang Cuisine that I am more familiar with. I might be back soon! Just because I want to try out all their deliciously looking dishes here!

The Lauk Lauk

The array of dishes on the bain-marie counter. I want to try them all! I noticed all their items were priced accordingly, so you know exactly how much you will pay for your meal!

Ayam Goreng Garuda - Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss

For the stop here at Garuda, we were to try their “Ayam Goreng Garuda” (Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss).

The above shows a double portion. You can get them as set meals at $7 with sayur lodeh, a side dish and rice or roti prata. Check out the offers at their restaurant.

Ayam Goreng Garuda - Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss

We were quite thankful we only had tasting portions. We need to pace ourselves as we have many places to visit!

Ayam Goreng Garuda - Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss

The piece of Ayam Goreng Garuda I had. It has a turmeric and galangal (blue ginger) base. We asked how long is the marination, and we were told at least 5 hours. It takes around 15 minutes to fry it, but if you are there during lunch or dinner peak hour, don’t worry. They know when the crowds come.

I like the blue ginger floss, as we did not have it with rice that day, it was a tad salty. The chicken was nice too. It’s hard to resist a piece of nicely fried, golden brown chicken!

Nasi Padang is the cuisine of the Minangkabau ethnic group. I remember studying in school long ago that the Minangkabau people are a matrilineal society. That means the land and houses are inherited through the female lineage.

Here’s a trivia for you.
Did you know that the first President of Singapore Yusof Bin Ishak and also the composer of the Singapore National Anthem, Majulah Singapura were both of Minangkabau descent?

Garuda Padang Cuisine
7-8 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 049949

Tel: 6536 4111

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