Paradise Seafood @ Senja-Cashew Community Centre

This was a family dinner in celebration of a member’s birthday.

Our relatives invited us for dinner and it was quite a nice dinner at the newly opened Paradise Seafood @ Senja-Cashew Community Centre.

We were just there to enjoy the food and company. 😉 So I did not take notes of the name of the dishes, pardon me.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

This sambal-ish sotong dish was quite delicious. It was done just nice, it was not rubbery but just nice and the sauce and the okra, brinjals and tomato with it makes it quite addictive especially with fragrant white rice.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

Since it’s a birthday, we had some birthday noodles. The dish was nicely executed, noodles were nice, not overcooked.

Due to some logistical issue, instead of the noodles, we remembered something else. The noodles were taken to the side to be portioned and served to us. Somehow, someone miscounted the people on the table and 1 person did not get served. Hmmm… It was then a mess when they wanted to collect back a few bowls to re-portion it. Oh well… But everyone on the table volunteered to share theirs anyway, so it was kind of solved.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

This was the black chicken soup. The soup had this nice colour and it was tasty. It must had been boiled long enough too.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

The soup was portioned at the side for us as well and the ingredients served to us on a plate.

Oh, another service lapse. We knew they just opened probably a week or so when we went there, so teething problems was expected. What happened? They got our orders wrong. We ordered black chicken soup, but we were served watercress soup. As the soup was served without ingredients, we only knew it was wrong when we tasted it. We told them and they were apologetic and took back the soup.

A few minutes later, a lady came to tell us the black chicken soup was sold out and if we would like watercress soup.  Our aunt sense something fishy. You know aunties have this sixth sense. She said are you sure? We placed our orders quite early. We all probably knew it can’t be the kitchen’s fault, this chain has been quite organise. We knew it’s probably the person who took the order, which is you know who, the lady talking to us. Since it’s sold out, we said no, we won’t have the soup.

Guess what? Another lady came out from the kitchen and said they have our black chicken soup ready. Oh man, the lady was pawned by her colleague. LOL. We wanted to laugh, but held our laughter. See, aunties sixth sense is accurate right?

Anyway, the delicious and fragrant black chicken soup saved the day, we tried to forget about the incident and continue to enjoy our food.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

These prawn balls were very good too. Deep fried whole prawns coated with (I think it was) delicious salted yolk sauce. Really good, it was really good.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

This was an interesting dish. It’s one of their tofu creation, but all of us nicknamed it the chinese tofu goreng. Fried tofu, with fried crispy ‘you tiao’ over tangy thai salad and sauce.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

This was our only vegetable dish. Claypot xiao bai cai with inoki mushrooms and other mushrooms. Our family are veggies people, so we loved the taste of it.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

We had a fish dish too. It’s braised in soy sauce and it was quite OK.

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

Oh, they serve live oyster here too. We remember it being reasonably priced and the birthday girl wanted to have it. So it was ordered. Oyster anyone? 😉

Paradise Seafood - Senja-Cashew Community Centre

I think everyone in the restaurant ordered this dish. Creamy butter crabs. It’s on the big banner outside the restaurant, advertising their signature dish. Nice! The sauce was creamy and buttery. It was a change to the usual black pepper or chilli crabs. We all think they used quite of mayo in the sauce. It’s kinda addictive.

Overall, we had a good meal, except for the service staff that was still quite new having served up some boo boos. They would have brushed up their service now since it’s 2 or 3 weeks after.

Another reason we tried the place is because we got a flyer in our mailbox a few times before we visited and when you present the flyer, you get a discount. 

Paradise Seafood
Senja-Cashew Community Centre 
101 Bukit Panjang Road
Singapore 679910

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