Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant – Clementi Ave 5

This place was where we used to visit for some zi char food when the stall was still located in a coffee shop in Ghim Moh. It shifted away and we never knew where it went.

It was quite a coincidence when my uncle stopped for coffee at the coffee shop in Clementi Ave 5 (beside the Police Station) and recognise the zhi char lady. Around the same time, I got an email from the owner it had moved after it found them self on one of my previous blog post.

So, it looks like it’s time to go back there for dinner. We has since gone back a few times and this was the most recent photos.

Here was what we ate:

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Flat Chicken with Fish Paste

Flat Chicken! They had the whole chicken de-boned, meat taken out and replaced with fish paste!

It’s fish paste with chicken skin deep fried and served flattened. It looks like it requires quite a bit of work! How was the taste? We kind of like it! You imagine it to be roast/fried chicken and when you bite it, it’s fish!

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Lotus Root Soup

We ordered two big servings of soup. Here’s the lotus root and pork rib soup.
Decent but slightly salty soup.

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Veg dish

Our obligatory veggie dish. Kind of like the veggies of the day.
Simple and good, and it provided us our fibre.

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Fish Dish

The nyonya style curry fish head. The sauce was tasty and the fish was fresh.
Perfect for walloping up with hot rice!

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Fried Crayfish

This was the dish that we missed! Their cereal crayfish. (Mai Pian Hay Po).
Chunks of crayfish yanked out of the shell and deep fried and topped and mixed with cereal.

The perfect dish for lazy folks like us, the best way to eat crayfish! It is also so good! Beats prawns anytime!

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant - Yam Ring

The ladies at home love yam ring. The outer yam ring was light and fluffy. The inner part of the ring was moist but too oily too. Nice crunch on the outside and soft yam texture inside.

Oh yes, we love to pick on the ‘treasures’ inside. I like the fried cashews!
Their prices are quite reasonable and portions big too.

It gets a bit busy on weekends, so you got to wait a while, but week nights are OK if you need to meet up with friends or relatives for a zhi-char makan.

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant
(At the coffeeshop beside the Clementi Police Station)
Blk 378 Clementi Ave 5
Singapore 120378

Reservations: Ah Hioh at 9047 9428
(We realise if you want to make reservations, call before 6PM, when they get busy, they have no time to pick up the phone!)

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