Earth Day Menu at Novus (at National Museum of Singapore)

How many of you know about Earth Day? You might say hey, didn’t we had something like that a few weeks ago? Where we turned off all the lights and stuff? Well that was Earth Hour.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. It started long ago on April 22 1970 in the US. In 2009, the United Nations adopted April 22 every year as International Mother Earth Day. They have a theme every year too. This year’s Earth Day theme, A Billion Acts of Green, recognises the power of millions of individual actions, both small and large, in making a difference towards sustainable living.

Novus celebrates Earth Day with “The Elements of Life”, a special 4- course menu crafted by Executive Chef Stephan Zoisl. Inspired by the four natural elements of Mother Nature – Earth, Water, Air and Fire, diners can expect a feast that triggers the senses as each course unfolds.

For this menu, Executive Chef Stephan Zoisl has taken care to incorporate organic ingredients and supplies from sustainable sources. Chef Stephan says, “This menu will showcase the beauty of nature on a plate. We want to trigger the appreciation of Mother Earth through the diner’s senses – taste, sight, smell and touch.”

Sounds good? Well, I had that meal recently at Novus and here’s my experience of it.

Sicilian Olives, Butter and Olive Oil.

Butter, Oil and Olives

Momo and I with Aromacookery and Maemeemoomoo together with the HungryCow tasted the Earth Day meal.

Notice those olives? Don’t be deceived by it’s greenish looks. They taste really really nice! I read somewhere else that they have lesser calories than the black olives too. When we tasted it, it gives a nice corn like flavour to it. Very unique!

Bread Basket

Delicious Loaves

The bread’s all baked in the restaurant itself and the soft rolls are probably the one I enjoyed most! They were just so soft and I just had to grab another one when I finished the first one. There were mini baguettes and rye bread too.

I had my soft rolls with the butter that had some herbs and nuts on it. Very nice!

“The Elements of Life” – Earth 

“The Elements of Life” - Earth

When this was served, it was totally unexpected! All of us were so intrigued by it! We did not expect anything like this!

We were all jokingly asking:
– Do we have to harvest our own veggies?
– Is that real soil?
– Is that grass from the grass patch outside the National Musuem?

“The Elements of Life” - Earth


“The Elements of Life” - Earth

The bottom most of what I call the ‘petri dish’ was jellied mushroom consomme. 
The white layer is Jerusalem artichoke puree.

“The Elements of Life” - Earth

The ‘soil’ was dough infused with molasses, black sesame and black winter truffle. Can you imagine the taste? I am sure you have touched soil before.

The texture was almost like soil! I really enjoyed eating it, tasting it slowly to try and guess what it was. It was familiar tasting, but I just could not get it all.

The small piece of vegetables and mushrooms on it, made it look so interesting! You just got to try it!

“The Elements of Life” – Sea

“The Elements of Life” - Water

So ‘atas’ eh? Food being served in a big shiny cover!
It was to keep the dish nice and warm.

“The Elements of Life” - Water


The dish stayed warm because the sea shells on the bigger bowl that the smaller bowl rested was filled with warm water.  I can’t remember if they used purified sea water with the sea shells, but you can smell the ‘sea’!

“The Elements of Life” - Water

The main ingredients: Canadian scallops, borage leaves, salted fingers, seaweed, oyster leaves, caviar d’ Aquitaine.

The scallops were so succulent. We were told the dish was not cooked with salt added as the salted fingers (that has the texture of bean sprouts but is naturally salty) and seaweed and caviar already gives it a salty taste. Interesting eh?

“The Elements of Life” - Water

You got to try this leaf! It’s called Oyster leaf and when you bite it, you will think you have just eaten fresh oyster! How amazing can it get? You can do an online search about it.
(This leaf shown has been partially ‘cooked’ brown by the hot liquid.)

p/s Ferran Adria before closing El Bulli for renovation, had a dish that uses Oyster Leaf too! So you think it’s worth a try here in Singapore? I am wondering where I can buy this leaf!

“The Elements of Life” – Air

“The Elements of Life” - Air


You should try Chef Stephan’s ‘airy’ creation!
It’s shellfish foam, potato & saffron espuma, stuffed zucchini flower with Snow Cod.

Inside the stuffed zucchini flower was zucchini sauteed with tomato. Oh, I love that taste! It goes so well with the cod.

“The Elements of Life” - Air

I quote them: “The shellfish foam and potato & saffron espuma represent air by providing this dish with a flavourful dimension of airy textures.”

Beautiful eh? The japanese cucumber creates such a beautiful ‘scale’ for the cod fish. Look at the details too! Oh yes, the foam will disappear, so have the foam quick!

“The Elements of Life” – Fire

“The Elements of Life” - Fire

Name of dish: BURNING SORBET

Wood chips, Staub mini cast iron cookware on tiles, doesn’t it looks cool?

“The Elements of Life” - Fire

It’s made from Elderflower sorbet, Grand Marnier, fresh seasonal fruits and Champagne jelly.

How to execute this dish?
Step 1: You pour the shot of Grand Marnier in…..

“The Elements of Life” - Fire

Step 2: You light the match!

“The Elements of Life” - Fire

Step 3: Enjoy the flames!

There you go….
A very visually appealing flaming sorbet showing off the element of fire in this dessert. After the alcohol burns off, enjoy the delicious dessert!

Are you tempted?

“The Elements of Life” is a 4-course menu priced at $128++ per person. The menu is available for dinner only from 15 – 23 April 2011.  Hurry if you want to try it! I am sure you will be equally surprised and intrigue as Momo and I was!

For reservations, call 6336 8770

After note:
If you like cheeses, you can order a cheese platter too!

Cheese Platter

I am not a fan of cheese, so you can imagine me with twisted funny face when I tried it!
I can’t remember the names of all the cheese, but I think there was 2 of them which I thought was nice.

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